Ninja Run Challenge [New Android Game]

This is my first Android game I released so I'm very interesting to know your opinions about it.

Game Description:

Ninja Run Challenge game is all about focus and stability in addition to collect as many points as you can where the application submits the score of any player automatically to Google Play leaderboard. The game is very simple and easy to play especially for kids where they will love it for sure. Use your Ninja to go through some interested challenges where the Ninja is moving up and down to avoid falling down. There are two parallel worlds in this game which are placed Up and Down. Your Ninja will be running and you will be able to move up and down by clicking on the screen. Your ultimate goal in this game is collecting points and you can collect points by two ways. The first way is the
Works well, but you really could use few more animations. One for flipping and perhaps for catching the star. Run animation frame rate could be better as well. You can also run over short gaps, which is weird.


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Hi evilentity, thank you very much for trying the game. you mean adding some Ninja tricks for flipping and catching the stars. Right? well, it is a very good idea and it will give more action for the game. Regarding Running over short gabs, I made it to make it easier for users but not everyone knew about this because they are trying to avoid any gab by nature !!!

I want to make the Ninja speeds up step by step as the user runs forward, what do think? It will make the game a little harder.

I'm very glad to hear from you and thanks a lot for your valuable feedback, I'll definitely work to implement these new improvements in my next update. :) :)