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Nintendo DSi ?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Eugene, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Eugene

    Eugene Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Anyone have one, I see the DSi has wifi, does it have a web browser? Can my wife check her e-mail on it at work where she has wifi?

  2. jabro

    jabro Lurker

    It does have a browser. Its an Opera-based browser.
  3. Eugene

    Eugene Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I haven't tried opera in a while, I should be able to download it and test our webmail and facebook and such then to see if it works. Thanks
  4. giggs1434

    giggs1434 Lurker

    Hi everyone..
    Guys i bought new nintendo dsi last week and i need some good looking skin cover on it.So could anyone here please suggest me some websites providing nice skin covers.

    Nintendo dsi skin covers
  5. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    I thought most of the sites that make skins for phones also made them for consoles. Did you get the large DSi?
  6. Eugene

    Eugene Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I bought my wife the DSi but one problem were running into is she can't get through the wifi at starbucks. Its not an open wifi, its some goofy AT&T thing. She works there so she gets so many free minutes but can;t get it working on the DSi. Doing a google search doesn't give much info, anyone else tried it?
  7. captaincool

    captaincool Newbie

    Because you need to input that code for free minutes someplace I believe it requires a web browser to get on the network. Unless they can register the mac address of the NDSi manually to allow it through the proxy/firewall.
  8. Eugene

    Eugene Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yea, she has some issue when trying to get to the web page to enter the code.

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