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Nintendo Wii with 8 games, SD card and Classic Controller

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by Extr3m1st, Aug 15, 2010.

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    I am selling a used but in good condition Nintendo Wii. It comes with a bunch of games I bought off of Wiiware. The games are listed below

    Lost Winds
    Lost Winds 2
    Contra ( the newest made for Wii version, not the old console VC version )
    Zelda The Ocarina of time
    Castlevania Rebirth
    Altered Beast
    Chrono Twins DX ( this one is on the 2GB SD card )
    These games are all attached to the store account I set up and am giving to the person who buys this item, no credit card is attached to the account as Nintendo doesn't let you keep a CC on file. There is also 500 Wii points still available to be used towards another game. Don't erase the account that I have on the store or the games will all disappear as they are tied to the account and this Wii. The system comes with the official Wii HD Cables and DOES NOT include the regular non HD cable. If you need that cable you can get it for real cheap at Gamestop or Walmart etc. Even cheaper here on Ebay.

    It also comes with the original box and everything else you need that came with the original package. I am also including the classic controller, brand new and still in its plastic box. Shipping is USPS Priority Mail with signature confirmation. Shipping is free. The game content and classic controller together alone is worth 100 bucks not counting the Wii console. Wii's used sell at Gamestop for over 150 barebones so this is a pretty good deal IMO. Asking 140 dollars shipped.

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