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No 4g In Phoenix Az? Really? and not coming anytime soon

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by jamesmckeephx, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. jamesmckeephx

    jamesmckeephx Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Seriously why is the 5th largest market in the United states one that will not see 4g for a while. Not listed to come anytime soon either! :(

    this is whats now


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  2. tcv

    tcv Well-Known Member

    Off topic, but Clear is testing their super lte in phoenix later this year. It obviously has no effect on anybody currently but it will be interesting to see how the testing will affect sprints future 4g plans.
  3. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    It looks like Sprint/Clear 4G is on the way to Phoenix and will have both WiMax and LTE.

    Clearwire Corp - News Room - News Release=

    Clearwire expects to conduct tests across three key areas:

    •FDD LTE: Clearwire intends to conduct FDD LTE (Frequency Division Duplex) tests using 40 MHz of spectrum, paired in 20 MHz contiguous channels, of its 2.5 GHz spectrum. Clearwire expects to confirm the capability to produce real-world download speeds that range from 20-70 Mbps. This is expected to be significantly faster than the 5-12 Mbps speeds currently envisioned by other LTE deployments in the U.S., which will rely on smaller pairs of 10 Mhz channels or less.
    •TDD LTE: Clearwire will concurrently test TDD LTE (Time Division Duplex), in a 20 MHz configuration, which is twice the channel size currently used in its 4G WiMAX deployments.
    •WiMAX and LTE: Clearwire will also test WiMAX co-existence with both FDD LTE and TDD LTE to confirm the flexibility of its network and spectrum strength to simultaneously support a wide-range of devices across its all-IP network.

    ..This is to begin this fall.
  4. cbanks

    cbanks Newbie

    So the good news is WiMax is on the way to Phoenix. Now the bad news. WiMax is on the way to Phoenix. :D

    We have Sprint's WiMax here. Generally unimpressive when it does work. Often it doesn't work because the signal is undependable.

    I hope they do a better rollout in Phoenix than they did in Richmond. The coverage map looks like Swiss cheese. Naturally, my house falls into a small hole. All the natural area around my house has great coverage. So if I walk into the woods I should have a great signal! The 4G coverage obviously is way smaller than 3G.

    It gets worse. If you look at the coverage maps there are 2 levels of coverage. One is what you'd expect. You can get signal inside a building. What's disappointing is a huge part of the coverage map is "street" coverage which means you need to be outside to get signal.

    For this Sprint is jacking up prices on phones (e.g., Epic), plans ($10 surcharge), and plan requirements ($69.99 minimum).

    Can we say "good-bye Sprint?" I knew we could! :D
  5. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert



    After clicking on your screen name and reviewing all six of your prior posts... its obvious you are a troll and know nothing about what you are talking about. nice try.
  6. jamesmckeephx

    jamesmckeephx Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    plus its on every website that there is going to be no 4g coverage in the near future for Phoenix Area. and they even announced the cities for 2010 and no phoenix..
  7. larry54321

    larry54321 Newbie

    I live in phoenix and my neighbor works for clearwire (straight and she said there is already 500 4g towers gone up and and expects it to be rolling by christmas. And yes its going to be lte test area and wimax.
  8. eieio

    eieio Android Expert

    Yep Phoenix should be online this year..
  9. jamesmckeephx

    jamesmckeephx Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  10. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Android Enthusiast

    Dude seriously, google it up if you think people are making this up. Phoenix is gonna get LTE and Wi-Max either late 2010, or early 2011. Your city is the ONLY city that is gonna get both Wi-Fi and LTE from Sprint/Clearwire.
  11. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    read post 3
  12. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    I had a conversation with Sprint regarding 4G in Phoenix today... here it is:

    12:06:54 PM : ​

    Connected to sprint.ehosts.net

    12:06:55 PM : ​

    Session ID: 1248xxx

    12:06:55 PM : ​
    bc: Initial Question/Comment: 4G coverage

    12:07:05 PM : ​

    Please wait and the next available account specialist will be with you shortly.

    12:07:05 PM : ​

    You are next in queue...

    12:07:25 PM : ​

    If you are chatting today for Technical Support, please call 1-888-211-4727.

    12:07:40 PM : ​

    Dominick has joined this session!

    12:07:40 PM : ​

    Connected with Dominick. Your Reference Number for this chat session is 1248xxx.

    12:07:41 PM : ​

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Dominick.

    12:07:57 PM : ​
    bc: Hi Dominick

    12:08:02 PM : ​
    bc: I have a question about 4G coverage

    12:08:57 PM : ​
    bc: I have had the EVO since it came out in July and have been paying the additional 10$ per month. I was wondering if you have a date as to when I will be able to use 4G in my home town of Phoneix

    12:09:02 PM : ​
    bc: Phoenix*

    12:10:16 PM : ​
    Dominick: Yes, by December 2010 the 4G service will be available in your area.

    12:10:51 PM : ​
    bc: 4G will be in Phoenix in December?

    12:11:01 PM : ​
    Dominick: Yes.

    12:12:00 PM : ​
    bc: Thats great news! Thanks Dominick. :)

    12:12:11 PM : ​
    Dominick: My goal is to ensure the issues that prompted you to chat today are fully resolved. Did I address the reason for your chat today?

    12:12:23 PM : ​
    bc: absolutley. thank you

    12:12:31 PM : ​
    Dominick: A short survey follows this chat. I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback because survey results help Sprint measure my performance.

    At Sprint, we know you have a choice in wireless providers and sincerely thank you for choosing us.

    Please click Exit and complete Survey.

    12:12:48 PM : ​
    Dominick: Have a nice day.

    12:12:48 PM : ​
    bc: Will do. havea nice day!
  13. Tabonuk

    Tabonuk Lurker

    if you check clearwire's site.. it shows that 7th street and bell rd has 4g... if i am ever in that area i will check and post back...just wanted to give a heads up
    BenChase7 likes this.
  14. eieio

    eieio Android Expert

    There are 6 -7 markets not shown on Clears map that are suppose to launch this year.

    They are trying to launch 80-85 markets by the end of the year..

    Phoenix is one of them.
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  15. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    Youre right, and this is Definately new. This was not on the site last week. good deal... looks like something is happeningl! thanks!

    I live just a few miles from that area, Ill check it out today or tomorrow. if there is a signal i will let ya know.
  16. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    I can confirm Sprint 4G is available in parts of Phoenix. The Clearer map seems accurate. I am sending this now via 4G at 7st and Greenway Parkway. 4megs down on the speed test. Not bad for unofficial. It's here!
    AndroidSPCS likes this.
  17. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    About time!!! We're one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country and waiting for 4G has been brutal.
  18. Tabonuk

    Tabonuk Lurker

    I am posting from 4g spot right now...works great...i got 3.2mbps down and I hav poor signal...looking good
  19. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    Nice! where in Phx?
  20. Tabonuk

    Tabonuk Lurker

    I did the test on 7th st and greenway pkwy
  21. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    Cool... Thanks!

    Thats about the area I picked up a signal too. Hopefully this means they are testing and will role it out all over in the next month or two. :)
    I checked the coverage at Clear.com and it looks like they lit up one or two antennas in that part of Phx.
  22. jorgeix

    jorgeix Newbie

    I live about 5 miles away from 7th st and bell rd. I drove there last night and I was very impressed with how fast 4g is. I parked in two different spots and the first time I got 4mb down and the second spot near central and bell rd, I got 7.6 mb down. it was actually faster than my cox internet at home. I was in that area about 10:00 pm.
  23. larry54321

    larry54321 Newbie

    Same here got a 7.45 on the speed test at bell and 9th st. At frank lyod wright and scottsdale rd the lte is up with 17 mbps downloads wooooow!
  24. jorgeix

    jorgeix Newbie

    is the evo capable of LTE? or would we need a different device for that...
  25. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    No its not, Not sure what he is referring to.

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