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No Account Sync + WiFi Failure

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SeaTan, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. SeaTan

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    Until 2-3 days ago, both my Google account sync on my phone and WiFi connectivity worked. However, both of these have now failed. I am not sure they are linked, but I assume they are considering the problems surfaced at a similar time.

    1) Gmail doesn't work - the app opens, but does not download or send emails. No error message appears, it just does nothing. I press refresh to no avail. Going onto the Play Store and again encountering account sync failure made me realise it was an account wide and phone problem and not just Gmail.

    2) Whilst my data connection works (and therefore the above account sync problem is not one of connectivity), the WiFi connection that worked up until 2 days ago does not work anymore. It is a hotel network, but rather than redirect me to a login page it sends me to a single page (not the login page) and does not allow any other sites. The problem is most probably down to my phone as the WiFi network and login works fine on my PC and for everyone else in the hotel.

    Any ideas as to how to resolve this?


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