No Android Market or Google play in my Smasung Galaxy S II

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I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S II phone in China, and It doesn't have any android market or Google play" to download applications (Like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube etc..) and install in my phone. And also I can see many Chinese applications that only works in China but doesn't work in my country. What do you think is the reason that android market/Google play doesn't exist in my phone (how can i get it in my phone)? And what should I do with my phone to see it working properly like the original Samsung phones from USA?

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The Doctor
Well, since you bought it in china, it could very well be fake. Seen a lot of those, Galaxy SII fakes. Looks like an SII, even says Samsung in a similar but slightly different font, but inside its different.

If its a legit Samsung SII, well, China does block the Google Market in their country. You have to manually install the apk for the market.


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First of all thank you very much for your suggestion;
And I want to know (the full steps), how i can manually install the apk for android market/ Google play?

Do you think there is a means to install and totally change the operating system currently exist in my phone (i.e. the OS installed from the seller in China) in to US version?

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The Doctor
Just look for Android Market APK on google. look for the latest one. You would have to learn flashing custom ROMs to be able to change the phone's firmware. I'd suggest a generic cyanogenmod ROM for an SII instead of Samsung stock ROM.