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No Angry Birds for me :(

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tekel, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Tekel

    Tekel Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a HTC Desire through US Cellular and just want to vent my frustration for no angry birds. I had an iPod touch and loved the game and wasted many hours playing the game.

    I search the market place and nothing. I attempt to get it through getjar and the page for it just loads blank on my device.

    As a side not, the openness of the market place gets annoying at times like this. I search angy birds and get all kinds of key word spam results. Like a friggen Duke Nukem Forever app. Come on people, if I wanted your app I would of search for it. Not "dang I want my angry birds but came I see this duke nukem app so I will get this."

    Anyone have any other suggestions?

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  2. blade38

    blade38 Newbie

    Downloaded angry birds today for the kids foc from the market...top of the list.
  3. Demonhotrod

    Demonhotrod Well-Known Member

    If you have a barcode scanner, try scanning this:

  4. Tekel

    Tekel Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the barcode but still no dice. "item not found"
  5. How about getting the file off getjar from a pc then transfairing it onto you memory card and installing from there?
  6. moe3754

    moe3754 Well-Known Member

    Barcode worked for me, but after downloading it, I got rid of it, stupid game!!!:rolleyes:
  7. How many levels did you do?
  8. ScottyPro

    ScottyPro Member

    have to agree, but its bloody addictive :D

    and I'm stuck on level 12 :mad:
  9. sookster54

    sookster54 Android Expert

    LOL angry birds is very addictive, I told my parents about the game, they both got hooked, my father told his coworkers about it, they went and downloaded it and are hooked... it's spreading like a disease.
  10. genedata2

    genedata2 Newbie

    Download My Market app, in Settings choose United States - Verizon, voila
  11. rasobey

    rasobey Member

    Anyone really wishing they could pay for AB? I got fed up with the adverts and don't want to play it tbh. I /want/ to give them money :)
  12. glenmcfar

    glenmcfar Guest

    I want to give them money too. A paid version is coming, don't know the timescale.
  13. Lagerfiend

    Lagerfiend Newbie

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  14. williamj1

    williamj1 Android Enthusiast

    Do you want me to send you the pure angrybirds.apk file? Then you can manually install it?
  15. srhplover

    srhplover Newbie

    If you want to avoid the advertisements simply play the game without having an internet connection.
  16. MattFletcher

    MattFletcher Newbie

  17. Stucky

    Stucky Well-Known Member

    Need anew version. finished this one.
  18. moe3754

    moe3754 Well-Known Member

    I played about two minutes and that was enough for me, I just thought it was a waste of time and stupid!! I would rather have a mobile version of Battlefield Bad Company 2 a good killer game!!!
  19. jason-567

    jason-567 Well-Known Member

    @takel email me ill send u a copy!!! jason-567@live.co.uk
  20. BarnumC

    BarnumC Member

    AB is overrated...get Slugs instead
  21. jaybo1973

    jaybo1973 Android Expert

    I like the game but I don't understand all the fuss? Once the guy gets a paid version out there, he will be very rich :)
  22. SlugForAButt

    SlugForAButt Newbie

    But that is because you are a teenager and want to play a shoot 'em up.
    AngryBirds & ShootU! are great games that get you hooked and make you think, unlike FPS games.
    Also, I don't think a phone is the best environment for a FPS, do you? I'd love a mobile version of my TotalWar games, but that isn't ever going to be able to happen, but I don't compare phone games against a PC game anyway. Why do you?
  23. bunnisher

    bunnisher Member

  24. EddyOS

    EddyOS Android Expert

    Rovio said on Twitter its coming for Android too if I'm not mistaken
  25. bunnisher

    bunnisher Member

    Really? That'd be good. I'm not on Twitter and all the web reviews say it is exclusive to iphone/pad.

    They'd better hurry though, Halloween is fast approaching!

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