Help No apps???


I just got my phone back from being repaired (all they did was reset it and update to 2.3.6)

But now when i put my SD card in it doesn't recongnise any of the apps i previously had GO Launcher EX and any of my games etc is there anything i can do without having to download everything again and set it up how it was?


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Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that is what you are going to have to do. If it is easier, you can go to the Play market on your PC and push them to your phone, but you will have to set them all up again.


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So is there an alternative to titanium backup? non-rooted phones?

There are some apps for non rooted phones in play store but it will backup only apps and not app data. For example, in a game, if you have gotten a high score, the high scores will be deleted. Titanium is better because it also backups data and it is awesome.
Why dont you want to root? It is safe. It wont brick your phone if you don't install other apps except titanium. Only thing known to brick your phone is rom manager and if you don't install it you will be safe! :D