Nov 21, 2016
Location and Security > Select Device Administrators > No Available Device Administrators


Hi folks, this is my first cell-phone so pls be gentle! ;D My sister gave me her old LG Optimus Slider (VM701). I tried to change phone companies (mistake) & had to do a hard reset bec phone wouldn't allow me to go outside Virgin Mobile's services. I got it working again, but maybe bec of hard reset, I lost some stuff. Like a Device Administrator.

So I cannot select any software to Uninstall. That option is greyed out.

I could be wrong - it's possible every piece of software that came with the phone is hard-coded and cannot be removed, whether or not I have a Device Administrator. But my working premise at the moment is... these issues are related.

(1) Is there any way to install only the missing piece of software - without adding a bunch of other stuff I may not want or need?

(2) Can I install Device Administrator without updating the system? Everything at least works, at the moment. I don't want to mess with the system if I don't absolutely have to. (Decades of Windows have not left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling about system updates - especially with old hardware. I know this is Linux and that is all I know about Linux so... way outside my comfort zone.)

Rooting sounds a bit scary too, esp for such an old model.

I got a "recovery" prog from the LG site but the first thing it wanted to do was update the system, so I backed out - I don't even know if that is the right software to fix the missing Device Admin issue.

In the meantime, I at least managed to get my ancient computer to recognize the device. Maybe I could simply copy music on and off that way... but trying to do that with software seems like it's asking for trouble.

Bottom line: Idk what the next step is or if I should leave well enough alone. I do not want Skype or Twitter or Google Maps on my phone, they just take up space and use the battery. I can manually shut down some (not all) of what's on here, but it takes about 3-4 minutes every time I restart the phone. I don't have internet service, phone is just a talk-and-text. Thanks very much for any help! :)