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No Bluetooth Streaming or A2DP after ICS Upgrade.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by The Driver, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. The Driver

    The Driver Member
    Thread Starter

    Can anyone tell me how I can get my SGS2 to stream audio back to my PC or even get it to connect to a VW Golf's Bluetooth HFS, without it stuttering and disconnecting.

    Before the "upgrade" with Gingerbread 2.3.4 this connected & streamed to the PC without any problem & connected to the car without problem.

    Bluetooth USB dongle devices on PC can be either v2 or v3, they are not plugged in at the same time, it's either one or other, both devices are A2DP (stereo) capable.

    I don't want to risk flashing the phone via Odin as it's under warranty and with my luck I'll brick it, like I did with a crappy Nokia.



  2. Medion

    Medion Android Expert

    Once I upgraded, my pairing with Sync failed. I've since wiped twice and have set up the phone to my liking. I'm going outside to re-pair it now for the first time. Will report back.
  3. Medion

    Medion Android Expert

    Just tried to pair my UK unbranded SGS2 (using yesterday's ICS update via Kies) with a 2011 Ford Fusion running Ford Sync v3.2.2. It was flawless. Tested phone and music streaming, but did not test text messages (rarely use it via Sync anyway).

    Rather than edit my post, I decided to make a separate post. Look at the time stamps between my two posts, that's how long it took. So, factory reset your device. It may work for you after that. Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it won't work for anyone else.
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  4. The Driver

    The Driver Member
    Thread Starter

    It doesn't work. I've wasted at least 2hrs backing up, erasing everything & formatting the SD card and it still doesn't work. It just stutters & disconnects, so I now know that it's a software (OS) fault.

    My advice therefore stands.


    ICS in its current form is fundamentally flawed.
  5. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    Let's keep some perspective (and courtesy) here, please. Attacking one another is not going to help.

    I'm sorry you're having problems The Driver, but the fact that Medion is able to use the same feature clearly shows that it's not a "fundamental flaw". It's obvious that there is a flaw with your own update, nobody can deny that, so we should try to concentrate on solving that.

    The best way to do that would be a new, dedicated topic. I can copy all relevant posts to a new thread to allow the issue to be dealt with in detail, if you agree?
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  6. The Driver

    The Driver Member
    Thread Starter

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  7. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    Okay, new topic created - now to find a solution.

    Let's check your firmware version to make sure there's no issues with that.... Can you enter *#1234# in the dialer and report what's displayed in the three entries?
  8. The Driver

    The Driver Member
    Thread Starter

    PDA: I9100XWLP7


    CSC: I9100XEULP5

    Build Info: Tue Apr 3 19:44:49 KST 2012
  9. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    Thanks, that's exactly as expected so no problems there.

    Iirc, you said in another post that you've tried a factory reset?
  10. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    Some info about the PC also might help fixing the pc sync issue (though can't say anything about the car streaming now).
    such as OS version 32bit or 64bit, and dongle manufacturer.
  11. The Driver

    The Driver Member
    Thread Starter

    PC: Home Build.

    Windows 7 x64
    4Gb Ram
    1Gb GFX Card connected to a 26" LG Flatron Screen via HDMI
    2x 7200rpm 2Tb HDD
    2x LG Blu-Ray Drives
    1x WLAN Adaptor (N65 Draytek)
    1x Multi Card Reader
    1x Wireless Mouse/Keyboard Combo
    1x USB v3 Bluetooth adaptor (Manf: ISSC)
  12. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    The only possible issue over here might be 64 bit compatibility.

    Have you performed a wipe on the phone?
    Especially delete the paired list and repairing with both the car and the PC. (delete the pairings from the pc too)

    Try to pair a different phone with the car so that the pairing with the SGS2 is removed, then repair with the S2.

    See if this helps.
  13. The Driver

    The Driver Member
    Thread Starter

    I've already done a back of the phone (Kies) + wipe to factory settings and then spent 2hrs replacing all of my apps via Wi-Fi (works perfectly) and reinstalled all of my contacts, weblinks etc.

    Still will not connect to PC via BT without stuttering & disconnecting.

    When I activate BT, the computer will pick it up instantly, it tells me that AVRCP & A2DP Sink (typo!) have been activated.

    It will play for a few seconds it a extremely stuttered manner, then disconnect.
  14. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    May seem a bit basic but why don't you connect via USB - a wired connection is so much better. It's like streaming over WiFi - better to do it via ethernet. When I am in the car I play music via it's mini-jack output to my car's aux-in. That said I have not tested BT capability within both my cars as of yet, since updating to ICS (on a CPW firmware phone)
  15. The Driver

    The Driver Member
    Thread Starter

    Because I don't have an aux socket in the car! It has MDI (occupied by Ipod) or SD card reader.

    Besides neither of which are any good for telephone calls & the controls on the steering wheel.
  16. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    @The Driver
    I have been trying real hard to replicate this issue on my pc to no avail.
    It seems to work seemlessly on my PC.

    Here are the screenies.

    Here is the phone while streaming the song.

    Here is the Bluetooth Phone Operations and Settings window you get by double clicking your phone in the bluetooth devices section in your control panel.

    I have been manually connecting and disconnecting multiple times, and listened to full songs to check for issues or automatic disconnection, but could not replicate your issue. I only had a minor issue once and it was also gone when I tried to connect again.

    Here is what that one problem was and how it went away.
    One time while connecting and disconnecting my phone was connected to the PC but under the phone operations menu it was showing disconnected for the first option and showed connected for the second option. i.e. I could use the phone as headset for receiving or making calls but not for audio. The song was playing on the phone and it showed connected but the audio was not connected.
    And even on pressing the button it was not accepting the first option.

    this is how it was solved.
    I just shut the bluetooth adapter off and started it again.
    Then pressed the first button (listen to audio from phone via computer's speakers) and it started streaming again. :)

    Also whenever I would press this button to connect the pc's speakers to stream the audio. A little pop up would come on my status bar like this:

    I could stop play and pause the music app of the phone from the PC using this pop-up too.

    Try checking the control panel options like the ones in the screenshot and see if toggling the options helps solve the issue for you.

    p.s. I am on windows 7 ultimate 32bit
    p.p.s. when trying to disconnect the headset feature (2nd button of BT options on control panel) it tried to call my last dialed number.
  17. The Driver

    The Driver Member
    Thread Starter

    My software is 64 bit, running on a 64 bit machine.

    I'm going to try & install the 32-bit version and see if that makes a difference. I just know that it's the ICS update that's done it, because why would it stop after the update otherwise.
  18. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    Unfortunately this seems to be an isolated issue.

    Here is a post from another thread in the forum.

  19. The Driver

    The Driver Member
    Thread Starter

    This is the read me file of my Bluetooth Dongle...

    This software was written against version 2.1+EDR of the Bluetooth Core Specification and Bluetooth Profile Specification.

    The release provides:

  20. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    I have no doubts that the devices are compatible. Even I am surprised that it is not working for you. It just should.

    That is why this is an isolated issue, not working just for you.

    If you ask me, it definitely is worth to re-flash the phone. But that's just my opinion.

    But please be warned flashing a phone has it's own inherent risks and only you would be responsible for the outcome. If you do choose to re-flash there are many posts on the forum with excellent guides on how to do so.
  21. Medion

    Medion Android Expert

    I'll give you my honest opinion. I think that your phone's Bluetooth is defective at the hardware level. However, it is odd that it happened right when you upgraded. The fact that it's happening to both your car and PC tells me that the phone is the culprit.

    I know that you're adverse to running Odin, but going back to GB is the only way to verify whether it's ICS or hardware. Let me know if you're willing to run through this in a guided manner (with me or another competent person practically holding your hand) to ensure that there are no issues. It won't even raise your phone's counter, so the warranty will still be valid. This is the only way that I can think of to verify the root cause.
  22. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    It may not be a hardware fault. It can be just a case of an upgrade gone wrong, without any error actually showing up. If a re-flash doesn't solve it then only it can be that it is a hardware issue.
  23. Medion

    Medion Android Expert

    Yup. If we can convince him to try it, and walk him through it, I'd love for him to use Odin to flash back to KI4, verify BT works, and then use KIES to upgrade to LP7 again.
  24. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    But he still has warranty and his was an official update via Kies.
    He has his data backed up on his home Kies (I hope)

    So he can just take it to a service center for a reflash.
    Then there is no risk on his head.
  25. floosy

    floosy Newbie

    Dont know if this helps but I have a VAG car and use my SG2 with the bluetooth in it. On GB it connectes using rDAP (remote sim protocol) which allows the cars bluetooth to "take control" of the SIM in the SG2. Now I did an ODIN update on my SG2 to ICS a couple of weeks ago to test it and found that rDAP support has been removed in ICS on the SG2 so now my cars' bluetooth can only connect in HFP and not remote sim mode. For me that meant losing the ability to do SMS on the cars touch screen system which was a bit of an annoyance but since my car is newish it still worked as a phone/media device. Now the rub is this....some older VAG cars bluetooth ONLY works in remote sim mode (rDAP) and hence an SG2 with ICS will not connect and/or work properly with it. There is apparently no workaround for this and the only thing that can be done is revert back to GB or get a newer BT module fitted in the car for a couple of hundred pounds. Not cool I know.

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