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No BS: What's the word on StraightTalk?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by EvanJOBrien, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. EvanJOBrien

    EvanJOBrien Lurker
    Thread Starter


    With the Nexus 4 being announced I've been thinking about picking one up (when they launch) and bringing it over to StraightTalk at $45 a month. However, this being the internet, it feels like it's almost impossible to get a straight answer on how StraightTalk is.

    So the question I have is simple: Is StraightTalk good? I know they throttle you have 2gbs of data, but that does not concern me.

    I'm in the Tampa, Florida area if that helps.



  2. asheehanjr

    asheehanjr Well-Known Member

    I'm running the Galaxy Nexus on Straight Talk as of now and had no problems. I did notice at first my internet speed did slow down because I was watching YouTube and Netflix for a awhile, but it refreshes when you refill. I just stay connected to WiFi as much as possible now. Other then that the service is great and can't complain about spending $45 a month for unlimited talk, text and data well sorta.
  3. B2L

    B2L Android Expert

    I've been using Straight Talk for almost a year with my Galaxy Note. If you choose to get an AT&T SIM, just be aware that several users have been experiencing major data problems. My data connection doesn't work half of the time and I need to either disable/reenable my data for it to work or restart my device; it's quite annoying. Straight Talk users with a T-Mobile SIM haven't experienced this issue.

    With Straight Talk my data speeds are consistently between 300-500 kbs download and around 30 kbs upload. It's beyond slow and the general consensus is that the speeds are similar around the US.

    I would recommend Simple Mobile over Straight Talk. Simple Mobile is $40 a month for unlimited everything or $50 a month for unlimited everything with 4G (HSPA+) data speeds on T-Mobile's network.
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  4. kenzies_dad

    kenzies_dad Newbie

    In my area straight talk is generally pretty good. I honestly get service where some people don't. I just started using it for the droid, but I've been using the plan for about 2 years or so, and even with my old phone never had any issue really.
  5. jontay

    jontay Newbie

    from what I understand....less than 5% of all smartphone owners used more than 2gb of data anyway. Don't know how accurate that is but have heard that from several different sources.

    Bought my first smartphone about 3 months ago. Samsung Proclaim (Illusion) and use the $45 Smart Talk plan (end price each month is $45.76 due to tax, etc.). Works 10x better than the limited T-mobile plan/service I had before with 500 limited minutes, flip phone, no text, no data, etc. and I am only paying $13/month more. Just set up auto pay and don't worry about anything. So far, so good

    I cannot complain at all about Straight Talk however my experience with T-mobile (and Verizon before that) was so bad that anything that works decent would have made me thrilled. :p I would drop calls probably 1 out of 4 and still have yet to drop any on this setup. Everyone says it is much clearer and easier to talk to me now also.

    Keep in mind, I specifically chose the Samsung Proclaim because it was the only phone (at the time) on Straight Talk that used Verizon towers.
  6. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, there is now also the LG Optimus Zip. :D That's the other Verizon phone on Straight Talk. Has physical keyboard, but otherwise inferior specs. The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is much better.
  7. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Android Expert

    I love love love it. I get a discount on my plan so its $41 a month. I'm using it with a Nexus 4. Haven't had an issue so far :)
  8. DWILSON48625

    DWILSON48625 Android Enthusiast

    I have boost, my gf has straight talk. same coverage. I tether all the time, (now for instance) and never had an issue. Nor on hers either.

    She has had calls claiming to be ST, saying we was over our data, but ST dont ask for any info when they call ya, but this ass clown was, and was threatening to kill our service. I said ok, go ahead, turn it off.... Ill sit and wait here while you do.... Obviously, nothin happened cuz he was a scammer... We blocked the # with avast and never heard from them again. I posted a thread about it in the precident forums.

    its cheaper than boost, overall, with same coverage (I live in Michigan) since they are both on sprint towers here.

    Verizon offers the best coverage. If thats what means the most to you, go directly to verizon. Followed by att or cingular, or whatever they are this week.
  9. wvgary

    wvgary Lurker

    I've been with straight talk going on 3 or 4 years. The service is good until you try to talk to customer service. Then it really sucks air. The wait time is long. That is if you get to wait. Most of the time you get. (We are experiencing higher than normal calls at this time. Please try again later.) Then you get hung up on. The last time I was on a waiting list they said 30 min.s. It was 2 and half hours later before I got to talk someone. All because they double charged my card.
  10. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut?
    VIP Member

    I have been tempted by ST, as I am so so tired of VZ. I am worried about throttling though. I must be able to tether, and I do use over 2GB/mo.
    The only reason I haven't gone to them yet is the N4 doesn't work on the VZ network/ ST doesn't have VZ (right?)
  11. SulkyAndroid17

    SulkyAndroid17 Android Enthusiast

    I would recommend avoiding ST if you want to tether. They don't appreciate high data usage probably as they are MVNO not owned by big carrier. So they most likely have to pay a higher rate for the resources they use. That being the case, you may get a few calls about suspicious data usage.

    The only prepaid I know about that doesn't throttle is Sprint's own plan.
  12. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Android Enthusiast

    Straight Talk has pushed out a firmware / modem update to their Proclaim phones (Proclaim and Zip are the two phones that use Verizon's network) that prevent tethering via FoxFi. This makes sense as they don't allow tethering per their TOS. Otherwise, I have not seen/heard of any Proclaim/Zip users being admonished or kicked off for too much data use. Of note, the Proclaim and Zip are only 3G devices. If you are looking for LTE, it isn't available on these phones. Best speed performance via Straight Talk seems to be GSM phone users using the T-Mobile SIM (HSPA+).
  13. arkybarky

    arkybarky Lurker

    Hi Evan,
    I logged on to respond to the StrateSqwalk reps so-called response on this site and I'll tell you what I would tell her about what I've experienced the last 4 months:

    Poor service (phone,data and customer). About 20% of calls coming in go right to v-mail(which always works - 1 point).No ring,nothing.Texting works well, only failed one day for unknown reason - 1 point.
    Cust.Svc is poor but improving.I actually got a rep to fix a loss of data icon issue (no data service) in less than 2 hours! Although s.talk is hq'ed in Florida, they are owned by Mexican Telephone Co.(along with Net10) so poor ESL skills make the Indian service reps language skills look good.

    Unlimited Data ? NEVER. Throttled 'service' (an oxymoron,yes?) - approx.13 of the 15 weeks I've had a smartphone/data plan.NO/NOT/NEVER a message from them about this in advance,during or after! When I've called they find NO REASON FOR IT and I get a few days of approx. 3g service and then - it's back to the THROTTLED data b.s. When S.talk throttles, its means 'welcome to 1989-1999' again: 0kps - 60kps (+/- 20). I've measured it by eye and confirmed my math with Network Speed app.If you like downloading a 3mb song in 3 mins. join S.talk!
    Then if you get on their sh*tlist you get NO CUSTOMER HELP - you get sent to 'high data use' line which is a generic prerecorded message that wont tell you why you are being throttled, only that there are suggestions you should follow and that "customer service CAN NOT OVERRIDE THIS DECISION (to throttle you)". This means you cant ask why you are on the s-list or offer proof that you have barely used 400 - 500mb that month. Then they shut off my data service for 5 days w/no notice or explanation.
    You are supposed to get back on 3g service 24 hrs after you start a new month ....oh really? I'm still waiting for 3g svc. and it's been 2.5 weeks since new month started i.e. I'm getting EXACTLY the same d-load speeds as b4 (0-60kps). There wasnt even an hour when I got 3g data this month.btw Onavo data counter keeps telling me 'I'm a data novice' and never a high user so what is triggering the throttling ?

    These are the foundations of my (in process) complaint to the FCC. If you carefully read the s.talk propaganda, I mean TOS there are NO NUMBERS MENTIONED as to when throttling or loss of data service begins. There are no clear lines or guides as to when they may change/delete/vary/remove/add/etc any part of your service.The TOS actually states that S.talk can and will do anything to anyone at anytime for any reason without notice and they will not refund any money for any reason so 'love it or leave it'.

    I'm leaving it asap.I have also filed for a refund of all 4 months from the credit card companies and surprisingly enough, the dispute depts. agreed to do this after hearing what has been going on.It's called 'not getting what you paid for'. I also plan to file with the FCC a complaint about the TOS: unlimited means no cap.Their practices are more than misleading, they are fraudulent and it's time the FCC made them provide the service they advertise or change the wording to 'very limited data' or 'unlimited throttling' or at least provide a money back feature(you can push them to give you extra days,but never a refund).

    Cinco De Mayo is coming - have a botana and a Pacifico , hold the Mex.phone crap.

    p.s. Samsung Galaxy s2 - used in Michigan on AT&T mvno
  14. speedlever

    speedlever Android Enthusiast

    I had 3 Galaxy Proclaims on the ST service. Overall, it was a positive experience. I had a recurring problem that took a few months to finally resolve, but after that, no issues. 3g only. Of the 3 of us on the service, none ever exceeded 500MB data usage per month.

    But here's the thing... ST/Proclaim is VZW native coverage only... no roaming. I knew that going in so no big deal. I did hit a few spots that even the vaunted VZW coverage was missing... so I had no service. That was a rarity.

    When I looked to add a 4th line, the economics of a non-roaming 3g service didn't make sense, so we moved to AT&T with 3 iPhones and an Android (for me). Very pleased with the service so far. And with that LTE service, some of us are way beyond 500MB of data per month. Kids. :rolleyes: ;)
  15. Debbiedroid

    Debbiedroid Lurker

    How did you get your discount?
  16. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Extreme Android User

    I became fed up with $print over the years and came very close to switching to Repubic. But today, at the last minute, when ST said they could port my current number, I said the hay, it’s still half off. Now I’m waiting for the phone and to see if the number truly ports.
  17. w6pea

    w6pea Newbie

    I got tired of Verizon....I pay $5.00 less for two Smart Phones on the Net10/Straight Talk, with unlimited everything, then I did for two dumb phones on Verizon.
  18. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Extreme Android User

    We been hornswoggled!
  19. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender

    I've been very tempted to switch over to ST, only thing that keeps me from not doing so is the unlimited data that's actually limited :p

    I'm a heavy downloader and streamer, and not having wifi either. Yeah that just wouldn't work for me :)
  20. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Extreme Android User

    Between you and me, I used to use Sprint to tether my PC, although it was pathetic, on 3G. I suppose I was getting my money’s worth then, But once I hooked my cable back up, ninety bucks a month to make a few calls seemed ridiculous. So does forty-five, now that I think about it.
  21. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender

    Well hell, I've been with sprint so long, I've gotten use to the 500kbps-1mbps. When on some late nights I hit near 2mbps I think that's blazing fast lol

    But to have truly unlimited data, I can deal with data speeds that slow as long as it let's me do what I need to do. Tethering to my laptop, streaming youtube, downloading roms etc etc.

    I average 15-20gb of data per month, so I can't really complain with sprint. Now if I was still with vzw or att, I'd hate to see my data overage bill lol
  22. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Extreme Android User

    Yep, truly unlimited (tethering) data was the one thing that kept me with Sprint, and if they had ever bothered to start 4G in my little town, I probably wouldn’t have left. And of course, 4G will be in the local headlines this Monday.
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