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No data after rooting ??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sheureka, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. sheureka

    sheureka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I activated my Reverb on Saturday, rooted it, installed link2sd, and froze a couple of apps. When I went out today I realized that my data isn't working unless I'm on wifi - no 3g data even though it shows I have a signal. I called VM and they supposedly reprovisioned the phone, but still nothing - "someone will call you within 72 hours". Could this be from rooting the phone? If the phone is defective and I have to return it do they notice (or care) that it's been rooted? Any other ideas? TIA - sheureka

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  2. sheureka

    sheureka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I take it no one else is having this problem.
  3. martinez41613

    martinez41613 Well-Known Member

    You could try a couple of things

    1.) Turn airplane mode on and then turn it back off. If that doesn't work...
    2.) Factory Reset your phone. If that doesn't work...
    3.) Assuming you have CWM, flash my Stock Rom. If that doesn't work...

    Then I don't know. I don't think anyone else is having that problem.
  4. kimberlyinmn

    kimberlyinmn Newbie

    My phone is having the same problem. Can we safely do a factory reset if we are rooted? I've tried the airplane mode being turned on and then off again. (And turned on and rebooted, and then turned off.) 3G shows and the upload/download arrows are colored at times, which makes me think data is being uploaded/downloaded, but nothing is. I just get the "No connection" message when trying to access anything. I rooted using the Poot method, not sure if that makes any difference. We've been gone a week, in an area where my phone had virtually no cell service, so I just had the darn thing turned off. But we are back home now.
  5. kimberlyinmn

    kimberlyinmn Newbie

    More information... Data on my phone DID work on Monday as we drove to the in-laws. Once we got off the interstate, Sprint service seems to be non-existent, so I turned data and wifi off to conserve the battery. I didn't put it in Airplane mode because I wanted to be able to use the phone should we actually get near an area where the phone would work. I had the phone off on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I turned it on this morning and found even after turning the data back on, it wouldn't work.

    I've turned the Airplane mode ON, turned it off. Turned it on, restarted the phone, turned Airplane mode off. I've double-checked that data IS turned back on. (Settings > More Settings > Mobile Networks > Verified check box is marked next to Mobile Data.)
  6. kimberlyinmn

    kimberlyinmn Newbie

    After doing a factory reset and still no data, I thought about re-Activating. That fixed it! :)
  7. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    Hi, kimberlyinmn. I see we both have a Samsung Galaxy Reverb from Virgin Mobile. I'm sorry this is months later, but I only just got my phone on March 7 and I'm new to these forums.

    I've been thinking about rooting my phone because I just want to be able to move apps to my external SD card, maybe get rid of some VM-specific apps I don't need. I haven't done anything yet, though, because I have some questions first, some worries I'd like to put to rest.

    After doing a factory reset on the phone, I take it that erased all evidence that it had been rooted? Also, what did you mean by re-activating? Did you have to call Virgin and re-link your service to your device? Did they ask why?

    Thank you
  8. sanjuro77

    sanjuro77 Android Enthusiast

  9. kimberlyinmn

    kimberlyinmn Newbie

    The factory reset that I did 'back then' was the basic method on the phone by going to Settings > Back up and reset > Factory data reset.

    Rooting the phone is super easy using Ministro II and Poot:

    Just recently, I decided to totally go back to stock so that I could install the latest firmware update. I followed the Kies method that was linked above. I can't remember if that link contained another link to this thread on the XDA website, but this thread shows screenshots of using Kies, which I found useful:

    For re-activating, I just ran the Activate app already on the phone. Or you could go to Settings > About Device > Activate this device. I didn't have to call VM at all. (Thank goodness!!)
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  10. kimberlyinmn

    kimberlyinmn Newbie

    And yes, after using Kies to restore to stock, it was TOTALLY stock - no root, back to out-of-the-box.

    Which if you ever decide to do this, and you are using Link2SD to link apps to your microSD card, make sure you remove the link prior running Kies - especially Google Play and some of those essentials. :rolleyes: Or maybe don't create a link for the essentials. The saving grace for me was that I had the rooting APKs (Ministro II and Poot) plus SuperSU on the microSD card, so I was able to root and all that, and had to find the Link2SD apk online to side load - then all was well again. Ugh, that was too stressful for me. Kudos to all of the developers who probably do these scary things all the time. ;) My hubs doesn't "get" why I root my devices. He states that things run better when they are stock. Whatever. He also hasn't tried it and his smart phone is a work-supplied phone, so he can't mess with it anyhow. I like to safely get my geek on. (My backup plan is that I'd just have to get another Reverb if I totally mess it up.)

    Now that I've re-rooted and all that, I've only used Link2SD to link the bigger apps, not "all" of the apps.

    And... I'm rambling.
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  11. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    kimberlyinmn, you have really set my mind at ease! It sounds like the most I have to worry about is losing my text messages and some game data, unless I do something stupid. Unless there's a way to preserve my text messages and the progress I've made in my games? Does anyone know?

    I think I might factory-reset before I root, so that I can then immediately make a backup of the pristine system before anything gets changed. That way, at whatever point in the unknowable future I might want to get a different phone and return this one to Virgin, it'll be all *ahem* virginal. :angel: Unless the Kies thing you mentioned restores the right stock? It's running Ice Cream Sandwich right now, and I have no idea when or if it'll ever update on its own.

    The app I had tried to use is "AppMgr III (App 2 SD)" but I just looked up Link2SD and I think I see why that's being recommended.

    Thanks for the replies. They're definitely helping me decide what I want to do. I've never had a smart phone before and I'm not much of a techie, so wading out into advanced waters makes me a little nervous!

    [Edited to add] There are certain things I was able to move to my SD card already. The camera detected the card and now saves pictures there by default, and I was able to go into My Files, long-press on certain things and select Move. Will I simply need to remove my SD card before doing any under-the-hood work, will I need to re-locate some of those files and folders back to my phone first, anything like that? I'm going to need some hand-holding here, I think! Thank you.
  12. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast


    Have you rooted your phone yet or are you planning to backup what you can, reset the phone and then root?

    If you want to preserve data you can use Kies to backup alot of the information prior to rooting.

    Once you have rooted the phone I would suggest installing a custom recovery, after you are sure you can boot properly, and create a full backup before you make any changes.

    Good luck!
  13. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    Hi. No, I haven't done any rooting yet. Just a lot of installing and uninstalling of various apps in the process of deciding if I like them or not. Discovered at one point that some files don't need root permission to be moved. I'm not rushing to root because it's not a decision I want to make rashly and I want to make sure I know what to do and what to expect so that I don't flail around blindly and accidentally brick it. But the responses I've gotten in this thread are making me feel a lot better about the idea!

  14. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I completely derped on answering your question.

    My plan is to back up what I can, factory-reset it, back up the factory reset separately, then root. :)
  15. kimberlyinmn

    kimberlyinmn Newbie

    Yep, I've found this particular phone to have the least amount of worry regarding rooting and unrooting compared to other phones I've had. Granted, it's not just the phone - but the fact that there are some AWESOME developers here.

    I'm not sure how a person could preserve text messages. Hmmmm... I don't text enough to need to preserve them. LOL (Don't tell my nieces that, they think I'm the "cool" auntie.)
  16. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    That almost makes up for the fact that I don't have as much RAM as I ought to, and definitely makes up for the fact that my internal storage is half what it ought to be.

    Thanks! :)
  17. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    I found an app on Google Play! It's called "Super Backup: SMS & Contacts."

    Anyhow, I'm starting to formulate a plan for rooting, but it needs a little filling in:

    • What should I expect to happen/see once I've achieved root access?
    • What sorts of things should I avoid doing once I've rooted? (For example, according to posts I've seen here, "Don't install Beats Audio!")
    • What sorts of things are okay to go ahead and do?
    • What sorts of things are okay to go ahead and do, although there are wise and unwise ways to do them?

  18. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast

    First thing after rooting, install a custom recovery and do a nandroid backup to your external card. Keep said backup in a safe place in case it is ever needed. Good luck!
  19. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    Can you please explain and expand on what you mean by "custom recovery" and "nandroid backup"? I'm not sure if these are generic instructions or particular apps to use. Remember, I'm a newbie! :)


    [EDIT to add] I really should learn that hastily posting super-basic questions to forums is probably not going to get me far in life. I should also probably learn that hastily posting to forums in between tasks at work is slightly less productive than I like to think it is. Let this be my pre-emptive apology before someone calls me out on this. I'll look up the terms and come back with any questions I might have after that. Sorry for letting my fingers get ahead of my brain.

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