Help NO data connection, gone after factory reset

Well, it started with me needing to change primary gmail accounts. Tried clearing data from all google apps but it didn't work.
So, i did a factory reset on the phone via the settings, etc

So, after the reset, it does the whole intital setup thing, i hook it up to my wifi(just out of habit) and enter the new gmail account, everything works fine.

Leave my house, turn off wifi. data is no longer working...

How can i get my data to work again?
before factory reset it worked fine, after it doesn't work at all.

device: LG Optimus M
Network: MetroPCS

recently bought phone from metropcs

also, i already tried searching the forums for half an hour and could not find anyone with similar issue.


That happened to me last week. I lost data for a few hours. While the morons in Tech Support were telling me that they couldn't figure it out, it came back on. To this day, they've never been able to help resolve any issue. Did you try reprogramming?


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no havent tried anything yet, tried looking through all the settings, liek the network cdma connection but it is set to metro.
ill wait another day to see if it clears up, if not i'll have to call metropcs support (ughhhh). i will post new here, incase someone else has issue