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No Data Plan Required

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by greg4android, May 31, 2011.

  1. greg4android

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    Ok, I got one of these phones today to replace my optimus V.

    AT&T has much better coverage in this area (versus Sprint).

    This phone is basically the same as all of the OPTIMUS series.

    This is a GSM version (AT&T).

    A data plan is NOT REQUIRED for this phone!!!!!!!!!!!
    You need only sign up for the $2 a day unlimited talk, or the 10 cents a minute plan.

    If you access something that REQUIRES data, if will tell you to add a data plan.

    You can add a DATA PLAN at a later time (if your choose to pay the high rates for data at&t wants).

    the phone will work on WI-FI for any of your data needs....

    I turned MOBILE DATA **OFF**....

    AGAIN, a data plan is NOT required for this phone.

    i'm happy with the $25 plan for 3 months @ 10 cents a minute.

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  2. K2andriod

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    The only thing is that then you won't be able to send/receive MMS. I think going for the 10MB plan is worth it to check weather/facebook/ etc. a little
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