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No data refresh, no sympathy from CSRs - can the "system" be wrong?

Discussion in 'Metro PCS' started by billdz, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. billdz

    billdz Member
    Thread Starter

    My son got a MetroPCS line with the $30 1gb plan on December 19. He used up his 1gb before January 16, then he was throttled. We paid for another month on January 19, so he should have received a fresh 1gb then, but he did not. He told me the next day it was still slow. He complained about this again today so I checked the My Account page, which says he has used 1.5gb of data this billing period. He swears he has not used any data, except for a few emails, since he was throttled in January (he says the throttled speed is too slow to allow him to do anything more).

    I don't believe his data was refreshed after we made the payment on January 19. But I called Metro and the CSR says the "system" is showing his data was refreshed on 1/19. I told her the "system" must be wrong but she was unsympathetic and refused to do anything. I asked to speak with a supervisor, who likewise said she had to go by what the "system" was showing. I asked if the system shows daily usage or just total usage, and she said it only shows the total, so it seems they really have no way of knowing whether the data was refreshed.

    Any thoughts? Is there anything further I can do?


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  2. Sept1967

    Sept1967 Android Enthusiast

    Check you phone's menu - Data usage:
    See what number shows there, also scroll down to see which apps are using how much.

    If your phone did a lot of app, or even an OS upgrade, it can burn up tons of data. Watching Youtube/Netflix will eat a ton of data too. Its been 2 weeks on your current month.
  3. billdz

    billdz Member
    Thread Starter

    @Sept1967 - Data usage on the phone, the MyMetro app, and the MyAccount website does not show the dates, unfortunately.

    I was going to let this drop, not worth my time, but then decided to give it one last try with a chat. But same result, same attitude, no joy:

    Valued Guest: We have 3 phones on this account -- my phone, my wife's and my sons. My son was the first MetroPCS customer, his phone xxx xxxx was ported to Metro on December 19
    Valued Guest: On Jan 14, he received a text that he had 10% of his LTE data left. On Jan 15, we moved the other phones to Metro and paid for the next month for all 3 phones, to Feb 15 - but my son's data was never refreshed. On January 16, my son got a text that he had used up his 1gb of LTE data, and since then he has only had slow speed data
    Ana: Still with you
    Valued Guest: So he should have received a fresh gb of data when we paid for his second month, but he never got it, the data was never reset and it now shows he has used 1.58gb, but that goes all the way back to Dec 19
    Valued Guest: I believe there was some error when the 3 phones were combined on the one account
    Ana: On the line xxx xxxx Mr.Dzurilla you only have a $30.00 plan with 1 gb of 4 g data service at this point you have used all the 4 g data that why the data service is slow
    Valued Guest: I understand that he only gets 1 gb of 4g data each month, but the problem is that he never got his second month of 4 g data
    Ana: What you may do is change the plan or add a data top (extra 1gb of 4 g service )
    Valued Guest: He never got a fresh gb of data when we paid for the second month
    Valued Guest: The data was not reset to zero after we paid for the second month, the 1.58 gb is from December to now
    Ana: I hate to hear this, but the system resets the data every 16 of the month
    Valued Guest: That did not happen, can you check the DAILY data usage?
    Ana: William, I offer you an apology but we're not able to check the daily usage :(
    Valued Guest: Can you check the text messages that were sent to his number? You will see that he only received one message that he had used up his 1 gb of data.
    Valued Guest: If he had received a fresh gb of 4 g data and used that up, he would have received a second 10% warning and then a text that the 1gb had been used up for the second month
    Ana: William, I'm sorry that were advised only once that you had used your 1 gb of 4g data but you may always check on the data usage on my account
    Valued Guest: Do you follow what I am saying? He never got a fresh gb of 4 g data. I'm looking at My Account and it shows use of 1.58gb, but that is from Dec 19, he never got his second month even though we paid for it
    Ana: You may get a text with the change ...
    Ana: Still with you
    Valued Guest: Please help me get the 1 gb we paid for on Jan 15
    William, I understand what your saying but I'm sorry to say that it is not possible for this to happen the system re sets the data every month
    Valued Guest: I'm sorry to say it is possible and it did not re set, as you will see if you check DAILY usage. Something probably got messed up when his phone and the other 2 phones were combined into the one account
    Ana: William, add line to the account will not affect the data of each line we could add a data top or change the plan on the line
    Valued Guest: If you won't believe me, is there someone higher up I could speak with?
    Ana: William, who would you like to speak to ?
    Valued Guest: A supervisor
    Valued Guest: I swear I am telling the truth, there was no re set
    Ana: William, if you don't mind may I get a call back number please?
    Valued Guest: xxx xxxx
    Valued Guest: Just check the daily usage and you will see I am right
    Ana: What will be a good contact hour ?
    Valued Guest: Any time before 10pm
    Ana: William, will love to check the daily usage but is not possible would you like to change the plan may to a $40.00 plan with 3 gb of 4 data with a $5.00 discount ?
    Valued Guest: No thanks, I just want what I paid for
    Valued Guest: If there is no way to check daily usage, check the text messages to his phone, if there had been a re set he would have received fresh messages when his data got low the second month
    Ana: There is no message sent when the data gets re set every month
    Valued Guest: There is no message set on re set, but there is a message sent when remaining 4 g data drops below 10%, and then another message is sent when it drops to 0%
    Ana: That is correct:)
    Valued Guest: If you check the records, you will see he only got the texts once, if there had been a reset he would have received them twice
    Ana: Once again my apology for the situation, but the only thing we could do it change the plan or add the data service :)
    Valued Guest: I don't know why you won't believe me but I did not get what I paid for, please have a supervisor call me. Goodbye
    Ana: Yes, William a supervisor will call you
    Ana: In this case I really don't know if there's something else I may be able to help you out today?;D
    Valued Guest: No thank you, goodbye
  4. Sept1967

    Sept1967 Android Enthusiast

    Not the metro app, the built in phone menu, settings. Mobile data area, has a built in counter month to month that shows what the phone says it used, and which apps used it.
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  5. billdz

    billdz Member
    Thread Starter

    My galaxy grand prime can show a graph with daily usage, but my son's iPhone 5 does not have such a counter, unfortunately
  6. Sept1967

    Sept1967 Android Enthusiast

    Did your phone get the January iPhone iOS 9.2.1 update?
    If so, there could have been your data
  7. Sept1967

    Sept1967 Android Enthusiast

    This update was 1.5GB or larger depending on your model


    iOS 9.2.1 (13D15) Information
  8. billdz

    billdz Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info, my son did not download this update.

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