Android Expert
Jul 15, 2010
So i have having so many issues. No service and doppped calls all day. I went to vzw and they gavr me a new sim card. So far no issues. I hope it fixed my problem.
Time will tell....
I had no data connection for 4 hrs today. Wtf.

Also i returned the otterbox and go the vzw two piece case. Not as much protection but really pocketable! So much better :)
so if you are having data issues try a new sim? Idk. Time will tell.
Do you have data if you switch to 3g? If not your not provisioned right.


UPDATE: even with the new sim card, just lost all connections. No connecting a call, not sending txts, no 3G!!! WTF is going on!!! I did the airplane thing and it worked, wasnt working before.....PISSED!!!!!!!