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No Exchange Calendar

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jameskk, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. jameskk

    jameskk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I got my Nexus One about an hour ago.. love the size of this phone but a big problem for me... there doesn't seem to be a calendar app that syncs with my Exchange account. I live by my calendar so this is a big problem for me. My Droid has this function.. I don't understand why Google would leave this out. I guess there's always 3rd party apps.:thinking:

  2. ryanc2

    ryanc2 Newbie

    is there exchange mail in the stock email app?
  3. miller_nick

    miller_nick Lurker

    Maybe one solution you could do is sync Google Calendar with Outlook. You can go to Google Calendar on your desktop and you'll see a link for "sync". It will take a while the 1st time you do it, but it works pretty well. I use the Corporate Calendar in my Droid which syncs directly with Exchange, but then as a back up, I have the Google Calendar on my Droid with my Google account, which ultimately is synced to my Outlook/Echange.

    Question for you though....does your Exchange Email App have signature capability? That's the biggest thing the Droid is missing.
  4. legendary1022

    legendary1022 Newbie

    You can get it by downloading touchdown of the market. I don't personally use it because I don't use exchange calendar but I have tried the trial and it works like a charm. I believe it costs $10-20. There is a trial that you can try for 5 days and see if it is worth the money.
  5. jameskk

    jameskk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    yeah, I know about touchdown but I really like the default calendar app on the Droid. it's fast, simple and works. As for sync with Outlook, I use a Mac and so exchange syncs with my iCal, which I rarely open on my computer.
  6. jameskk

    jameskk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    UPDATE: I downloaded Touchdown and so far it's really nice. I still like the default calendar app better on the Droid.
  7. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member

    I have been using TouchDown for a few months now, the only application I bought - and well worth it.
    You can 'push' Exchange calendar entries into your phone calendar I think.
    I don't use this option, I just let Google Calendar Sync run in the background of my computer so my G Calendar always reflects my Exchange. Try it!
  8. baimo

    baimo Lurker

    It is a deal killer for me. I need full exchange capabilities. I could live without tasks. My hero worked great with exchange.
  9. MisterSlanky

    MisterSlanky Newbie

    Touchdown is full featured exchange capabilities (I've been using it for about 6 months now). If paying $19.99 for a fantastic app that syncs flawlessly with Exchange is a deal breaker, I'm not sure what could be said to convince you that Android would work for you at all.

    Seriously, try Touchdown, it's one of the best programs out there.
  10. baimo

    baimo Lurker

    Glad you like touchdown. I paid more than 19.99 for Road Sync for my Nokia N95 but it was never the same as a native program. On my htc telus hero which sports only android 1.5, htc added sense ui and evrything sync'd perfectly with exchange and it rendered HTML emails beautifully. And I could use pinch and zoom on the touch. This model just does not seem like a big enough step forward. I am waiting. They have been announcing new models all day at CES. I guess it is more than exchange that is bothering me about this model.
  11. 3rd-Geer

    3rd-Geer Android Enthusiast

    GUYS....for exchange just download Calgoo Connect. It's a free desktop application that pushes everything to your ical etc.

    My main issue is I can't sync Entourage. That same app should do it for me, but it's giving me errors. I have to sync my entourage to my ical and then Calboo Connect should push it to gcal....no luck for me though.
  12. 7thson

    7thson Newbie

    Wait there's NO NATIVE Exchange sync for calendar without using a 3rd party app like Touchdown???? Did I understand this correctly?

    Does Google calendar at least sync natively with the phone?
  13. giomasterg

    giomasterg Member

    It does on my G1 I'm sure it will one the N1
  14. 7thson

    7thson Newbie

    You mean Google Calendar sync and NOT native Exchange calendar sync right?
  15. giomasterg

    giomasterg Member

    Yes Google calendar sync
  16. finisterre

    finisterre Lurker

    I'm staggered that when my new 'Superphone' arrives it won't be able to sync my Exchange Calendar like my nearly 4 year old WinMo device does.

    This is more important than Exchange Email to me.

    Does it sync Exchange Contacts?
  17. 7thson

    7thson Newbie

    Thanks! I'm still stunned about not native Exchange calendar support in Android. Definitely a deal-breaker for me too.
  18. iSEq

    iSEq Lurker

    I just installed it and can confirm - it works perfect.
    Totally worth the 20.00 (as soon as I confirmed it worked I bought it)

    I like the interface too.
  19. technogecko

    technogecko Lurker

    I'm also a proud new Nexus One owner. I spent yesterday setting up and pouring through the features... then I hit the road block... "Wait... how do I set up my Exchange calendar?"

    If the DROID can do this natively, shouldn't the rom on the Nexus One also be able to?? Or is there some draconian reason why google would have removed it from the latest build!?

    I really want to sync my calendar into the native android calendar... I hate using extra calendar programs like touch down... I would rather the native experience.

    Unfortunately, I can't use the desktop exchange calendar app that syncs to google calendar either... my company won't let me install the necessary outlook plugin to get that done due to no admin rights. Regardless that is sort of a half baked experience anyway, since if I shut down my work PC I wont get any new appointments pushed to my device... lol.
  20. alexopposite

    alexopposite Lurker

    If Google was to enable calendar syncing they would have to pay Microsoft for the priveledge, by licensing the ActiveSync protocol. Just as Apple does for every iPhone they sell. But, Google has been able to foist that on their OEMs and Carriers, so either HTC or Verizon foots the bill instead...

    Playing the platform game. Same way Microsoft used to not box a DVD codec into Windows because they didn't want to pay MPEG for every copy they sold.

    But, it is annoying enough, between the paltry 4GB default microSD card that I'll have to pay $60 to upgrade to the lack of exchange support now someone wants $20 to upgrade (and not natively), the lack of multitouch support (so they don't have to pay Apple royalties if they come after them on IP), that I may just return my new phone and go back to the old iPhone.

    Google, just charge $599 and make the phone awesome out of the box. You would have sold more, not less, if you'd done that. Geez, you'd think a bunch of PhDs could figure that out.
  21. |mpulse

    |mpulse Member

    I'm still disappointed over the lack of out-of-the-box support for ActiveSync with Calendars. :(

    I have been trialing Touchdown and so far I like it, pretty slick app, however, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to jump directly into the calendar when an invite comes in?

    With Outlook and my iPhone, when an invite comes in I can check my calendar (from the invite - it links right to the space in my calendar where the invite is for) so I can verify my availability.

    So far I'm not seeing this for Touchdown - anyone know? Am I missing something obvious?

    Thanks guys!
  22. shanyel

    shanyel Newbie

    Guys - no need to buy any 3rd party.
    you can use the attached APK made by Motorola. It's a Corporate Calendar that gets data from your exchange account (once setup in the native nexus One).
    you need to - adb push CorpCal.apk /system/app

    once done you've it in your app list.
    it includes also a nice widget, though, I'm using Pure Calendar widget - much more convenient.


    Attached Files:

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  23. |mpulse

    |mpulse Member

    I tipped this! This is MAJOR! People have been bitching about this one for awhile!

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!! :)
  24. |mpulse

    |mpulse Member


    I've set this up and it's running like a champ, however, I just had someone send me a calendar event/invite and I receive their email but no where in their email is there an option for me to "accept" it as I would in Outlook or the iPhone.

    Am I missing something? I'm working on little sleep so I have very little faith in myself.

    Thanks again!
  25. jsward12

    jsward12 Android Enthusiast

    Touchdown works fine, you can accept invites, send invites, it actually has more functionality than the iPhone activesync. Yes the $$$ sucks, but go to cellphoneaccessories.com. You can get a 16gb micro sd card for $54.99 with free shipping. I got my N1 last week, the first app I downloaded was touchdown and it came with a 30 day trial. It has full functionality minus editing your signature. Its a great great app. You can put calendar and inbox widgets on your home screen. You'll get separate notifications for the calendar and inbox in the notifications box. It sync's the global address book just fine as well ( I work for a company with 40000+ people). What I like the most is, instead of fully locking your phone with a PIN, it only locks the app which is pretty neat. Give it a shot, when you dabble with Android and Google you have to be open minded and shy away from more traditional methods of getting your information (iphone, BB etc).

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