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No facebook-integration in MILESTONE

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kasperknop, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. kasperknop

    kasperknop Member
    Thread Starter

    No Facebook app and no way to tie a contact to a facebook account. TOO BAD =/

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  2. drbytes

    drbytes Lurker

    There is a Facebook app in the app store for milestone, I just installed it and it works well.
    No idea about the contact integration .. will check later and then forget to mention it here.
  3. Afront

    Afront Member

    The Facebook for Android app is now available in the Market for Milestone users. Note though that this is just the regular version, not the Droid version. So, there's no syncing contacts with your address book etc.
  4. drbytes

    drbytes Lurker

    why actually this distinction between the milestone and the droid in terms of applications? AFAIK they differ in hardware (the radio) but it seems whack that we need this separation between Driod US and Driod EU
  5. kasperknop

    kasperknop Member
    Thread Starter

    Didn't know the Droid had a radio?
  6. celios

    celios Well-Known Member

    All mobile phones have radio receivers and transmitters, that's how they make phone calls / download data, etc. I think he was talking about the different radio transmission equipment installed in the Droid (using Verizon's non-GSM CDMA network) and the Milestone (GSM).
  7. giannibre

    giannibre Lurker

    Same problem...and I didn't even know it (was supposed to have) this function when I bought it. I saw the official video from the developers ( YouTube - Contacts (2.0)) and thought this feature was really cool. What a tease!
    Please let me know if they ever release a newer version of facebook or if they fix this bug (it looks like a bug. Otherwise they wouldn't have put the Facebook icon in the New Account section of the Contacts settings...even more of a tease!!)
  8. Unimaginative

    Unimaginative Newbie

    Judging by the differences between the DROID and Milestone I'd say it's more to do with copyright/IP laws or some such that caused the changes. Another example would be pinch-zoom on Milestone but not on DROID, due to Apple's patents in the US.
  9. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Android Enthusiast

    But Facebook Integration is an android 2.0 feature. I think it was removed by one of the carriers who ordered a specific rom. Chances are thou its because the Milestone is not a google experience phone while the droid is
  10. kasperknop

    kasperknop Member
    Thread Starter

    Why would Milestone not be a Google experience phone? It doesnt have a costume UI like SE, HTC or Acers phones...
  11. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Android Enthusiast

    Does the milestone say " with Google " on the phone? if it doesn't then it is not a google experience phone
  12. kasperknop

    kasperknop Member
    Thread Starter

    It doesn't, but I would think twice, given the fact that Google do the updates and not Moto...
  13. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Android Enthusiast

    If it doesn't say with google then Motorola handles the updates not google.
  14. Unimaginative

    Unimaginative Newbie

    Indeed, the comms capture here confirm we're in Motorola's hands. The OTA update service seems to query a bitfone.com, a company now owned by HP (they apparently made OTA updating gear as well). Motorola must be making use of them for updates.
  15. Icedemon

    Icedemon Well-Known Member

    What's to stop someone from getting the apk from a Droid and posting it up for Milestone users? Wouldn't that work?
  16. kanzlr

    kanzlr Newbie

    no, that doesn't work for some reason (the facebook sync at least doesn't)
  17. flyingbear

    flyingbear Lurker

    The HTC Hero allows you to link a contact to their facebook identity, which happens transparently, probably via email address matching. This is very nice and I cannot see why the Milestone would not support the same function. The only obvious difference between the phones is that Hero is Android 1.5, Milestone is 2.0. It looks like the Facebook app in Hero has been provided by HTC themselves. Is this just a simple lack of functionality rather than any licensing or commercial problem?
  18. Unimaginative

    Unimaginative Newbie

    The contact syncing drivel on the Hero is indeed provided by HTC. As far as I can tell it uses the note field of each Google contact to identify which Facebook contact it should sync with, so you end up with a note field full of dribble.
  19. big_adventure

    big_adventure Newbie

    Here is something I posted on another Forum, after someone on Alldroid pointed out that it works. The rapidshare link in the post is to the Facebook.apk from a Droid build with sync. It works on Milestones - I can confirm it, as I run it, and it gives full contact syncing. Basically, your Friends on Facebook show up in your Android contacts, and it does a fantastic job of merging them with existing contacts - it also syncs the photos. This is more or less what the BlackBerry Facebook app has done for a year, and what the latest iPhone Facebook app started doing about 3-4 days ago.

    Facebook with Contact sync for Milestone - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum
  20. arlissfreire

    arlissfreire Newbie

    Hello big_adventure
    Can you please share it again?
    The link rapidshare is returning an error!
  21. arlissfreire

    arlissfreire Newbie

    Thanks it worked.
  22. beezer123

    beezer123 Newbie

    Any chance you can confirm that the app works on the Milestone?

  23. arlissfreire

    arlissfreire Newbie

    That's what I said. I have a Milestone and it worked perfect.
    All contacts are there.
  24. Unimaginative

    Unimaginative Newbie

    Ditto. Installed without issue and now contact syncing is working. Cheers.

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