Help No Gmail Notification

Is anyone else having issues with gmail notifications? I check my gmail and have emails from a day ago but no notifications have come through. Sync for each account is turned on and background data is turned on. I have factory reset twice and it has fixed nothing. Deleted all folders in my gmail accounts as well.


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pull battery.....over the weekend all my information on my sd card got somehow unrecognized by the phone so all my damn alerts are reset to factory noises. GRRR unrelated but just saying this phone's glitchy


Go to settings. Then accounts and sync. Press your gmail account and see if the boxes are checked. Check them and it should fix the problem. I had the same problem and I barely figured it out right now.


Last time this happened to me, my SD card was bunked. Changed it and everything was cool. Don't know why. None of the google apps where working.


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SD cards get bumped and jostled. They move in the socket.

One day my phone wouldn't boot.
Did the normal battery pull which didn't work.
Then I pulled the sd card and re-seated it.