Help No GMAIL quantity or VM notification

Please forgive me if these two issues have been addressed earlier. If so please point the way.

I have a Samsung Galaxy note 2 running on Verizon version 4.1.1.

I have both a Yahoo account and a Gmail account installed. Now on the "email" icon where my Yahoo account is located I see a number for new emails received but on the GMAIL icon nothing. How do I get a number notification on the GMAIL icon.

My second question is how do I receive a voice mail notification icon. When someone leave a VM I have no idea and only see missed call.

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Not sure about the Gmail app since I don't use it. I use the stock email app and set it up for google exchange server to push gmail to me. And the stock email app does have unread email count on the icon.

As for voicemail, I downloaded hullomail app. It is a visual voicemail app, so I don't have to "call" voicemail.


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Thank you for the tip. I just set up my GMAIL account in the stock email and combined both YAHOO and GMAIL inboxes. Now I have alerts.