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no hardware issues,need help in recovery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sandeep2121, Feb 23, 2016.

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    till yest night,my phone is working fine.these r the steps that made my day bad..some bug came to my mind n i want to root my phone. i successfully rooted and after completion and installed an uninstaller and uninstalled some inbuilt asus apps( this is biggest mistake) ,and my play store is not working.thou i installed some 3rd party play store from web.till here also i am safe..but missed my contacts..as playstore is missing my id,(i cant find in my account,before i use to..from my laptop)..so planned to hard reset and get my previous zen back..data is not a probs for me..but here got probs..after hard reset( Power + vol up and hard reset)..and its starting setup wizard got some probs..i cant get in(after giving wifi password)...and tried every option from boot options ( Power + volume up button)..now i need suggestions on how to just repair my zenfone 5 from desktop or laptop..TIA

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  2. u need to sideload the stock firmware.u will be unrooted also
    btw u shld never hard reset or update while rooted
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