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No HTC Locations on Desire ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pessimizt, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. pessimizt

    pessimizt Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Dear all, i just got hold of a new Desire phone recently and am a happy and newbie owner. :)
    Would like to confirm something with the fellow users:
    1) Does Google Maps require internet access for the navigations to work ?
    2) Is the HTC Locations only for Desire HD and Desire Z ?
    3) Is there any other GPS Navigation app anybody can recommend me please as i am looking for one that doesnt require internet access.

    Best regards and hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you in advance too.


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    LECTER Android Expert

    Welcome Ethan!

    1) Yes
    2) Yes (but if you root you can get an DHD rom that does this)
    3) Copilot caches on your sd card
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  3. pessimizt

    pessimizt Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Oh thank you so much for the answers !
    I just checked out Copilot and its so expensive !
    Am looking for one for my region in South East Asia though.
    Anyway, thanks again !


    LECTER Android Expert

    Yeah, it's expensive as hell, I agree!

    I use the built-in nav but then again I have an unlimited plan; which you kind of need with this type of phone! ;)

    Also, if someone helps you out, on this forum, you can always show your appreciation by hitting the "Thanks" button below their post.
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  5. pessimizt

    pessimizt Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks once again ! ;)
    I understand the need for a data plan but it will costs a bomb if i were to travel on the road to other countries using the Google Maps (via internet access).
    Therefore, i think i have no choice but to look into some other locally supported maps that are more affordable.
    Cheers. :rolleyes:

    LECTER Android Expert

    Oh! Yes, in that case I'd just get a regular nav for the car. ;)
  7. Intruder

    Intruder Android Enthusiast

    Rubbish works on all Google phones be it HTC sammy LG etc etc

    LECTER Android Expert

    Damn! You're are right! I always confuse "Locations" with the new HTC Sense!! ;)
  9. rustyfrog666

    rustyfrog666 Lurker

    Hi, so if I have an HTC Desire I should be able to use HTC Locations to download maps to the SD card? If so, how do I access HTC Locations? It's not listed in my apps and doesn't seem to be in the market place. Cheers
  10. onebutters

    onebutters Lurker

    Will the release of Gingerbread change anything? Or did HTC make a conscious decision to confine Locations (I understand they partnered with Tomtom - $$$) to HD and Z?
  11. AndroDiego

    AndroDiego Lurker

    Google navigation is great, if you're online; Then I used and compared quite a number of Navigation apps for off-line use, and decided for CoPilot. It is excellent, though it has a few minor drawbacks. When used at the same time with a second sound source (as the music app), CoPilot does a bad job in blending in it own directions). I posted this problem to CoPilot, and hope they will correct this.

    Both, Google navigation and CoPilot Premium know "insignificant" small places (as my home), are confortable, and have useful features.

    I do not recommend HTCs navigation, because it is not precise.

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