No icon animation when I press them


I just got my Samsung Galaxy S3 on Virgin Mobile, and I just noticed that unlike in the other Samsung and HTC phones that I've owned, there doesn't seem to be any icon animation when I press them. With my other phones (Galaxy S2, Galaxy Ace, HTC One V), the icons would do something like inflate or squish. But with my new S3, they just remain absolutely static.

I'm just wondering if this is an inherent feature of this phone, or that there's an option to enable the animations. I like seeing what I've just pressed.



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My S3 is on Sprint and that's the same thing I see. There's no icon animation or any indication of the press when I tap on any icon. Nothing at all. Just the new screen that fades in. I don't see anything in settings that can adjust that. You CAN adjust the window animation in Developer Options, but not any icon animation.

Other launchers can help. Go Launcher flashes a circle of color behind the icon when you tap it. Nova Launcher does the same thing. With Launcher 8, well that a whole different thing but it has icon animation if you like it.