May 18, 2011
Hi. I've been checking out this forum for a few weeks and thought it was time i signed up. Apologies if this topic has been brought up before but i have tried several searches. Im on my 2nd Ace after returning the first one due to it switching itself off (this one is doing the same thing,but thats a different story) anyway i backed everything up from the original phone and sent it all to this one, and my problem is that there is no little android guy pic when i receive calls. Missing from my contacts list too, i just have little silloette pics for everyone. Any ideas how I've managed to lose him? To be honest i can't remember if I've ever seen him on this 2nd phone at all.
Thanks in advance.
u know i read some comments about the little dude who comes up when unknown numbers call.... but ive allways only had the silhouette of a persons head, ive never had a android outline.. maybe diffrent versions

like the scroll tablet pre - february = 2 mini usb's post feb = 1 mini usb same tablet thou.
I didn't know Ace has that feature. I've always had the silhouette when an unknown number came up. Didn't bother me though, maybe because I never had the green man.

Oh well, don't care if they remain faceless. :)
yeah tbh i couldnt give a bollox either as most the people who dont have a image in my conmtacts i dont really care about lmao

true. in my case, they remain faceless for the reason that i don't really bother to get their pictures. LOL