Help No live wallpaper for CM 11 - Solved


Oct 6, 2019
I am unable to get live wallpaper to work on CM 11.

I installed CM 11 rooted custom ROM on my old 2015 Huawei Y560 phone and it is working well.

The issue is that it does not have an option for live wallpaper. I tried many apps from the store and all gave the error that the device does not support live wall paper. I never tried to see if it had it on the stock ROM.

I had live wallpaper on Sony Vivas from 2011. It is not even Android so it should be possible to get it on Android 4.4.4 .

Does anyone know how to get it working on this device and if there is a way to get live wallpaper on the lockscreen too.
Not sure if that's possible or even the live wallpaper on the lock screen. Though I may be wrong of course. Our android geniuses here might know.
I found a live wallpaper picker and installed it. Now I have the option to use live wallpaper but keeps on crashing.

I reinstalled the stock ROM and it does have the option for Live wallpaper and it works well.

So now need to try getting it working on CM11 ROM
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Sorry if you feel that way. Didn't think you would take it negatively. Are we not allowed to be friendly if we cannot help. Oh, well my apologies.
Don't worry about it.

All you need to do is survive.

Our planet is going through hell at the moment and no one is sure of what is coming next.

Good luck to all of us!