Help "No Location Access" Popup


This just started within the last month.

I leave my "Location" turned off, by the main switch, 99% of the time. On rare occasions, 3 times in the last year, I turn it on to use google maps.

For a few weeks now I constantly get these damned annoying popups telling me my location is turned off.


I haven't added any new apps, it's something google has done. Both "Remotely locate this device" and "Allow remote lock and erase" are disabled and always have been.

I'm getting this message on both my phone with 6.0 and my Tablet with 7.0.

As I can't figure out how to contact google support does anyone here know how the hell to get rid of this annoying popup?


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No my devices aren't rooted.

Odd thing is, the popup stopped 2 days ago all on it's own. There were no updates (that I know of).

My background is in PC's, both windows and linux and I have to say Android is the worst security *********** I've ever seen.

Don't get me wrong, I like my phone and tablet but I don't trust them with any information/data not already publicly available.


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Turn your location ON and then power cycle your device and after it's on again, hold your device up high if possible and do a figure 8 in the air, repeat this process if needed until your device is located.