No longer lurking..


For nearly a year now, since plunging into the world of Droid, I've relied mainly on this forum for help, advice, and useful info in general..

Well, finally I've decided to get more engaged.. Before posting my first thread, I will do the best I can to sift thru current posts for a solution, namely to my most recent dilemna: No Bars (or very faint, seldom connectivity at best) / "Mobile Connection Not Available"

If anyone can assist me now, here's my jist: Ascend M860 (M-PCS) was just replaced due to it being stuck in the "restart-loop"/"Android" screen that follows the "Huawei" white screen on startup..

SO, I bought a 2nd hand Ascend M860, cheaply, however the Metro PCS store would/could not activate it, due to "mobile connection not available".. oddly enough, I managed to get a signal as soon as I walked out the store, however it was not solid or stable enough for me to complete the *228 / Activation proceedure on my own.

I shall try to phone customer service next, however after replies I read on here, I don't feel they will necessarily do the best job..

ANY help, info, suggestions, mods/fixes, etc. would be greatly appreciated.. please - thanks in advance!! ;D


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Hello and glad to finally have you as a member on Android Forums! :)

There could be many reasons why you get the "mobile connection not available" message, the most obvious being weak or no signal at your location or defective antenna in the phone. I am not familiar with either the Ascend or Metro PCS but I'm sure the folks in Huawei Ascend - Android Forums would know if that's a common problem with your phone or carrier. Good luck.


Nice to see that you have finally take the plunge to sign up. Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your time here.

Happy Holidays. ;)