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No longer recognizes a SIM card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Eugenia, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Eugenia

    Eugenia Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My otherwise healthy G2 lost the ability to read a SIM card. It turns on fine, runs apps fine, connects to wifi fine. It does everything perfectly except make calls, send texts, and pick up a data signal. It is, in effect, less a "phone" than a sort of pocket computer.

    The guys at T-Mobile said the wiring in the SIM card reader must be at fault. The guys at the repair shop said the T-Mobile guys had no idea what they were talking about, then worked on it for three weeks before giving up. They suspected the motherboard, possibly from delayed water damage. Warranty is a) expired and b) voided due to said water damage.

    I'm due for an upgrade in a few months, but as I said in my other thread, if I can't fix the G2 I'm stuck with a G1 running Donut. I'd probably pay up to $100-150 for a successful repair since I'll save some money on the upgrade if I make it to 22 months (there's an 18-month discount, but the difference is significant).

    Any ideas? Anyone else encountered this issue?

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  2. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Android Enthusiast

    I've seen working G2s sell for $150. If the motherboard is shot you are looking at basically a new phone anyway. Check out craigslist and other boards for sale forums.
  3. Eugenia

    Eugenia Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey, thanks for the reply. I ended up taking it to another repair guy who actually was able to fix it without replacing the motherboard. Obviously the first place had no idea what they were doing. Now, of course, something else is broken and it's in the shop again... maybe I should have just paid for the One S to start with; after all these repairs I'm not sure I'll have saved any money delaying the upgrade.
  4. sheldon fire

    sheldon fire Lurker

    hi their good evening do you still have your htc g2 or is it history now? cause i'm having the same problem you had last year don't know where else to go my phone won't read my sim card at all but it works great othrwise. maybe there some tips you can share with me since you got yours working again

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