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No longer to view videos after update???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by droidfanatic, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. droidfanatic

    droidfanatic Newbie
    Thread Starter

    anyone else having problems viewing videos on youtube after the update??? It was working fine before the update and now i can't view 99% of the videos i try to view on youtube. what's even worse is that the videos i CAN view won't work when i try to switch to the HD mode? how do I fix this????

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  2. starsandsky87

    starsandsky87 Newbie

    Yeah I noticed I'm having the same problem with youtube videos after the update, can't view them :-(
  3. Termin8

    Termin8 Member

    So, anyone come up with a resolution?
  4. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast

    this sucks :mad:
  5. yankee.jim

    yankee.jim Lurker

    I am a new user and have the same problem. I thought I did something wrong or messed up my settings. I hope someone comes up with an answer soon.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. yankee.jim

    yankee.jim Lurker

    What update do you guys mean?
  7. Sean5861

    Sean5861 Guest

    #8 Sean5861, Mar 3, 2010
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  8. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert

    nice bump of a 4 month old post...
    anyway, after the 2nd update the youtube app doesn't work almost at all
    If you tap the video a few times though eventually it will work

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