Mar 16, 2011
Jacksonville, FL
Please excuse my rant but... Apparently this is still a problem, which is absolutely absurd. 5 years and 4 major releases and there is still no basic support for common playlist files. What are these people thinking?

Worse yet; Archos chose Android as the OS for their media player tablets and still haven't added reasonable support for transferring playlists. This turns my Archos 43 into a useless piece of junk. How can the people making these products possibly be so clueless?

Is there actually a solution to this and my hours of searching the forums has managed to miss it?
I am not sure for you but my playlists sync fine. I use WinAmp on my PC, and when I connect my Tab or Phone, it gives me the option to sync to them and playlists transfer fine.

Winamp crashes every time I try to send a playlist to my Archos 43. When I 'sync' it doesn't sync the playlists.