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No Media Sound from External Speaker or Wireless Headset

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aztexan512, May 2, 2012.

  1. aztexan512

    aztexan512 Lurker
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    I searched the forums for issues with the Razr Maxx but did not find the similar issue. This started today.

    All of my media (videos, music, games, radio apps) have no sound through external speakers and wireless headset (Jaybird Freedom); however, media sound does works fine with wired headphones.

    When I plug-in the wired headphones, it dials the last number dialed.

    External speakers, wired and wireless headphones work fine on calls.

    I do get the Razr sound when I hard reset the phone.

    The media sound was working fine yesterday evening. I don't use wired headphones, unless I am charging the wireless ones. Any thoughts?

  2. aztexan512

    aztexan512 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    OK, now I don't have the issue anymore. I don't know what the solution was, but everything seems to be working properly. I did notice that when I checked the sound settings when I had the issue (SETTINGS -> SOUND -> MEDIA AUDIO EFFECTS) that it showed CONNECTED under Wired Stereo Devices when the wired headphones were not conneted. Now that it's working, it shows CONNECTED under Phone Speaker.

    The question is: why did it do this? It must be a week since I connected the wired headphones to the phone. I only use them when I'm charging my Jaybird Freedom headphones. To my knowledge the phone has not been reset or software has not been updated. Weird.

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