Help "no memory"?

I have just bought the exhibit a few days ago. I rearranged some of my apps and made them on my home screens how I'd like, and I've downloaded like, I don't know, about 4 other applications, AT MOST from what was given to me already. I went to play one, called "dragon, fly" and about a minute or so into it, it told me that my memory was low and the game may shut off unexpectedly. I definitely didn't let it, I hopped off of that game, but I'd like to know what that was about. I mean, I don't have many things on the phone yet, and I'm hoping I'll be able to still add more and not have issues! I don't have a data plan yet, so hopefully that doesn't affect it to the negative when I add it on. I'm just using my home wifi for now :) If I forgot anything vital let me know, but if someone knew what my problem/potential problem is, that would be awesome!!

PS - I guess I should say I've never owned an Android, so I may be clueless, haha.

- Becky :)


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Hmm, I mean I have my memory card in, the guy at the store did that? I should mention that tonight it froze on me when I was typing a memo.. but taking out the battery solved that. It turned off on me and I took out the battery, and it has been working since. If anything keeps up, I'll just stop by tmobile.


If you root the phone you can use the App2SD(Root) and have every thing install on SD as default. At the same time you can move most of every thing over to the SD card.