Help No music app?

Hi everyone! I switched from iPhone 5C to Nexus 6P and I'm really happy 'bout it. Altough, I've been trying to add music to my cellphone for a week now and haven't figured how yet. Is there no app called ''Music''? I'm new to Android. I copied and pasted my music in the music folder of my phone from my PC. I feel really dumb but I really want to listen to some music while at work.

Ps: Sorry if my english isn't at is best.


The Computer Guy
Well happy your here with us in the Android community.
I never use the stock android music app.
So here are a few you can pick and download from the Google Play Store.
This one is not free,but is very good:
PowerAmp(Trial version):
PowerAmp unlocker:
This one is free and this one will play Videos(movies) and music:
VLC for Android:
And yes I have and purchased PowerAmp and I use VLC Player on my computers and mobile devices.