Help no need to power off?


I'm a recent convert to Android from WinMo. With my old phone, it was recommended to turn the phone off several times a week when recharging. On the forums here though, I noticed that most people don't. Is it not necessary with this OS?


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No, not necessary. I haven't, and it's been fine. However, some say you get better battery by turning it off after a full charger and charge it for an extra 20mins.


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I haven't turned mines off since the last OTA and don't intend to turn it off until the next (unless, obviously, if I have no choice due to some unexpected circumstances)


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with all the adding and removing apps, I've had to reboot a time or two to straighten things out.

I'm sure once I get the aps and settings stable where I want, the only reason I'd power off is to get the extra charge on the battery.


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Left mine on for a week once....doesn't seem to slow it down although reboots are recommended every so often.


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I too am coming from winmo, old habits and all.
(Don't know if it really is needed on android/linux systems.)
But I am trying out different apps , install/un-install so for now I power off @ once a week. hoping it helps to keep things tidy.


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I noticed the couple of times I *didn't* turn it off and let it charge overnight the battery only got to 96%. Strange. Yet if I turn it off to charge, it is at a full 100% in the morning after I reboot.