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No Nexus One on Sprint...

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by neodorian, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. neodorian

    neodorian Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Looks like you can either go to TMo and have a single plan to choose from, buy it unlocked for a large sum of money, or wait until it shows up on Verizon.

    I was really willing to go from Sprint to TMo since they have similar rates. Right now I have the $129 Sprint family plan and would have probably been fine with the slightly higher TMo family plan if it was for a good enough phone.

    Unfortunately I can't afford $1060 for two Nexus Ones unlocked and I won't spend $160 +tax on two individual TMo plans. The other option is to wait for Verizon but their prices are no better.

    So...Sprint users...what do you think? I'm on my second Pre and while the OS is great I am tired of them cracking from the same spot near the charging port. I'm not spending $100 every couple of months for a replacement because Sprint won't acknowledge the issue.

    Looks like I'm waiting for something good at CES. Otherwise it's gonna be a tough call. I only have this month to get out of Sprint with no ETF on two launch-day Pres.

  2. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    I say we petition Sprint. Who's with me?
  3. neodorian

    neodorian Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    For what? The Nexus One? Not a chance in hell it would do any good. These guys have road maps and marketing schedules and they aren't going to commission hundreds of thousands of phones, make all the software adjustments, and go through with marketing and training because a few forum people want the phone :) If it was that easy Verizon would have had the iPhone years ago and we would have the Nexus at launch.

    I'm thinking more toward speculation as to what Sprint's plans are for this year's flagship. Last year it was the Pre but now they are selling way more of the Hero due to marketing and form factor most likely. I've heard rumors of this new LG Prada Android phone (LS680) getting announced at CES this week for Sprint so maybe it will be decent. Also a few rumors of a EVDO/WiMax phone but despite having WiMax in my city and using it for my home internet, I am leery of buying the first WiMax phone on the market. Sounds like first gen tech which means expensive and buggy most times.

    Guess we will have to wait and hope old Dan has some nice stuff to show us at 7:30 tomorrow night (aside from the Skiff).
  4. Stormin

    Stormin Well-Known Member

    Sprint needs to do something. I'm with ya Iowa.
    If they don't do something quick, I'm off to Big Red.
  5. neodorian

    neodorian Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    For what, though? To pay a good 20-30% more per month, have $350 ETFs, and one decent phone? Sprint still has better plans and phones than VZW for the most part but I'd love to see what they are getting this year. They didn't get the Magic/myTouch off the bat either but then they got one of the best versions of the Hero out there. When you are one of only a few CDMA networks in the western world you don't always get first dibs I guess.
  6. Stormin

    Stormin Well-Known Member

    What are you smoking? Sprint has better phones???? What the Moment and Hero running 1.5??? Or maybe the Pre??? As far as the ETF, WGAF, I ride out my contract. For me the plan would be $10.00 more a month. And to a lot of the places Sprint doesn't cover. 4G??? I don't live in a major metropolitan area, I'll be dead before they get 4G out here. HEY SPRINT YA LISTENING ????
  7. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    And actually during engadgets browser benchmark test.... My browser out-performed both the droid and the Nexus one. And that was on 3G and the droid/N1 was on Wifi. I have the Moment.
  8. SamuraiBigEd

    SamuraiBigEd Under paid Sasquatch!

    OK, somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but according to a US District Court ruling in California a few years ago customers have the right to purchase new phones (at full retail, of course) or take their old phones from one carrier and have them activated at a competing carrier, locked or not. The case dealt specifically with Verizon/Sprint phones, but is supposed to apply to all phones and carriers.

    Of course, Att/Apple have managed to keep a pretty good lock on the iPhone.
  9. joek71

    joek71 Well-Known Member

    Sprint is always a sleep in the tech curve, for some unknown reason to us the consumers sprint is not get the N1, i would love to ask CEO why sprint is not getting the N1, if any Sprint big wig is listening then they should go out and get the N1 and not ley VZW get all the new phones. What is Sprint waiting for ?
  10. rldev

    rldev Well-Known Member

    You have to admit that in this case, no news is very bad news for Sprint. While companies like ATT, TMO and Verizon are being very aggressive, Sprint seems to be sitting back on the smartphone front. In the next 2 months, Verizon and ATT will have at least 3 superior smartphones to Sprint's best offerings.
  11. mysticmead

    mysticmead Android Expert

    the N1 is a GSM phone... since Sprint is CDMA that explains WHY they're not getting it yet.. VZW is supposed to be "upgrading" to GSM which explains why they have it listed for a future release with them..
  12. rldev

    rldev Well-Known Member

    Verizon is upgrading to GSM by the Spring?
  13. mysticmead

    mysticmead Android Expert

    I had heard a rumor like that.. but can't confirm... then again.. maybe they're going to make a CDMA version of the phone like they did with the Hero... if that's the case.. then I could see Sprint adding it later..
  14. neodorian

    neodorian Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Like I said--except for the Droid which is very new and the Nexus One which is a day old, Sprint usually gets perfectly good phones.

    Prior to the Droid in November, Sprint had the only phone with specs comparable to the iPhone (Palm Pre). They have the only two WebOS phones. They have multiple Android phones and prior to the Droid they had the best Android phone available in the US. They have multiple Blackberrys. They have multiple Windows Mobile phones.

    What are they missing? They are due for an updated Android phone soon to keep pace with the Droid and N1 but otherwise they are up there with the other carriers. 4G is not that far away. It always starts in metropolitan areas and moves its way to the boonies. Things like that are why people live in cities. That's not something any other carrier has done any better with but I can tell you that the 7mbps I get on my Sprint/Clearwire service is very nice and I don't even live in a large city.

    I think you are making the situation out to be much worse than it really is. 4 months ago everyone on Verizon complained that they had the worst phones and then the Droid came out and suddenly they had one of the best. Now the N1 is out and TMo has the best and Verizon will also get it later. These things change every few months.
  15. rldev

    rldev Well-Known Member

    It's not just Verizon. ATT just announced Droids from 3 manufacturers. I guess we will hear from Sprint tonight. Not sure I care about the LG Prada 3 though.
  16. joek71

    joek71 Well-Known Member

    This is straight from HTC:

    [FONT=&quot]Dear Joseph,

    Thank you for contacting HTC!

    At this time we do not have an estimated date on when the Nexus One will be able to work on the Sprint Network, however the Nexus One will be able to work on Verizon in Spring 2010. An update is being worked on for the device to work on Sprint as well. Please continue to check our website for any updated information as it becomes available.

    Thank You,
    HTC Email Support

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us again. You can find additional support at our user forum www.htcwiki.com.

    In order to help improve our service, we would like to invite you to take a survey at HTC Online Survey[/FONT]
  17. momoceio

    momoceio Android Expert

    See, now you can untwist your panties :)
  18. Stormin

    Stormin Well-Known Member

  19. tenma

    tenma Newbie

    It is not possible for HTC to 'update' the Nexus One to put it on Sprint without Sprint's cooperation. Sprint controls access to their network via an MEID whitelist. If Sprint does not add the MEIDs of the Nexus One units to their list, there is nothing HTC can do to get them on Sprint.
  20. HTCHero203

    HTCHero203 Newbie

    OMG, That's my name too Lol, i didnt know you had that name too "cheers" :cool:.

  21. greatcasa

    greatcasa Newbie

    You have no idea what you're talking about...
  22. wengla02

    wengla02 Lurker

    Verizon will be using LTE, a '4g' standard proposed by the GSM consortium (actually the 3GPP consortium, as an update to UMTS), so it's 'GSM'.

    Sprint uses WiMax, or 802.16e for their high speed mobile broadband '4g' solution in partnership with Clearwire.

    So it's technically correct to say that Verizon will be going to GSM - although the vast majority of the handsets and towers will still be CDMA; they will be rolling out new hardware on the 700mhz spectrum for their LTE platform in the next 2 to 5 years.
  23. julio85

    julio85 Lurker

    I have a screenshot of a Sprint representative confirming that the Nexus One is coming to Sprint. Now if someone can teach me how to post it...

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