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May 20, 2016
Hello All!
On my Moto G Stylus, using Android 11, I used to get notifications for app updates. They stopped arriving. Me being me, I forget to check & there are many, many updates waiting when I finally remember.

Is there a way to turn on notifications when an app update is available?
I could not find it, but did find lots of ways to stop getting notifications. Using those backwards doesn't work.

Thanks For Helping!
PS: Every day there are lots of Google app updates. Sometimes I'll update, then go back later in the day. There are often 12 or so more to download. Is it normal that Google has lots of updates, or is my phone repeating the same ones?
Longpress on your Play Store app and hit the little "i" in the upper right of the pop-up. Go to notifications and make sure "Updates available" is turned on.

As for your other question; yes, Google frequently updates their apps.
Life is better if you just schedule a time each week to check for updates.

At this time, I also clean the caches (by restarting) and move files from internal to external memory.
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Thanks Brian 706 & PuppyKickr for taking time to reply with good suggestions.

I followed your instructions, Brian 706, but the switch to turn on update notifications was already on. I must have missed something somewhere. (I don't know much about Android, but am trying to learn.)

Your idea of scheduling time to clean up the phone sounds good, puppykickr. I like to send as much as possible to the external storage. It would be nice if apps could go to external. They eat up a lot of internal storage. On my phone, there's no option so send any of the apps to the SD card. (Grey'd out in every app under Settings - Apps)