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No number notification next to email or SMS icons, have I broke my phone trying to root?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Becky_x, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Becky_x

    Becky_x Member
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    I've recently reset my phone, my contract is running out soon and I figured I'd try and root my phone and get a sim contract instead of upgrading. Anyway I couldn't do it properly so when I reset it SuperSU was still on it, phone looked for an update it said my phone had been messed with so couldn't get one. I disabled SuperSU and the status of the phone is now 'official'

    I'm setting everything back how I want it however the SMS and email icons don't have a number next to the icon. I've removed and added my email account many times but it's not working. The LED flashes and the notification bar gets the little icon but nothing appears next to the app icon themselves which is really annoying and I can't figure out why!

    Samsung Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile/EE
    Android Version 4.3

    Actually, as I've gone to get this info I've noticed my status now says 'custom' again, have I ballsed my phone up for good? :(

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