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No pandora on straight talk?

Discussion in 'Straight Talk' started by gale65, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Android Enthusiast

    You can but st says you cant which i dont get its kind of dumb


  2. neutrontech

    neutrontech Member

    I never gave ST any info on my phone either, or my last one. Actually if I log into the website, it says I still have my original Nokia . I have just been swapping sim cards when I got something new.

    Regardless, I have no 3g coverage around me, so data doesn't get used a whole lot. I don't see myself streaming video to my phone even if I did have 3g. But i would probably use Pandora.
  3. makinnard

    makinnard Lurker

    i can use pandora and youtube on my ST phone, no problems

    as long as you use less that 2gb of data they don't say anything but when you are getting close the send you a message about data hogging.

    they can even terminate your service which is BS but it is in the TOS
  4. GalaxyNexus

    GalaxyNexus Android Enthusiast

    Someone should file a lawsuit against ST. It's BS that they say "unlimited" data when you only get 2GBS
  5. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Android Enthusiast

    They should at least say 2gb at full speed and then throttled
  6. valueforvalue

    valueforvalue Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't do any good to file a lawsuit its all in their own terms of service. Net10 is exactly the same I have a recorded conversation with with a tracphone rep where she openly admits that they throttle and that the plan isn't exactly unlimited.
  7. howiesf

    howiesf Member

    Try their other brand "Net10." After 18 yrs with Sprint , which is an ongoing nightmare, Net10 was suggested to me . So far I cannot believe the terrible level of service and then useless CSR reps, as well as their online forum. I'm loosing hair over this shit....
  8. nbnesen

    nbnesen Well-Known Member

    My wife and I were actually considering strongly about switching to ST. We are currently with VM and we are just tired of the service always cuttin in and out, especially on my evo v. In are area the signal is very weak. We get 3g, but only a bar or 2 at best. Just so I'm clear before switching, you can stream YouTube and so on even though in the terms of service it states they do not allow it? Just as long you do not use a lot of data? I don't use a lot of data as it is, I use WiFi as 3g is to slow for YouTube or a lot of other things. However sometimes while at work I may look up a video on YouTube and I like to browse the web a lot. Will we have issues? I doubt we even use a gig a month each.
  9. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Android Enthusiast

    The ST TOS is left over from the days that people bought a ST GSM feature phone, took the SIM out and slapped it into their ThinkPad.

    They haven't bothered to change their TOS because it nicely covers their behinds, should the underlying carrier have a fit and wish you gone.

    Example: Paragraph 6 of their TOS (this is the paragraph everyone is scared about)... it says you can only download content from their Web Store. Umm... that is only for Feature Phones. Android phones can't access it. They are to use the Google Market (per their YouTube commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Precedent) and its 250,000 apps. -- which would be a TOS violation!

    Also, think about it. Most of the phones come PREINSTALLED with apps that would violate the TOS. YouTube app for example!

    Oh, and back to that Precedent commercial... they downloaded Angry Birds. Also a TOS violation! As per prohibited use iii) uploading, downloading or streaming of audio or video programming or games.

    So, put on your brave face. Use Straight Talk in a manner you feel is truly fair to you and them (and legal). And if they come down from on high and turn off your service, come here, make your complaints, and then try another VMNO.

    Remember, there are a huge number of us (even in these forums) that use Straight Talk. 99.9% of us violate their TOS daily and in a multitude of ways, yet still have service. Yes, you will hear of people getting throttled for the remainder of the month (mostly AT&T SIM users I believe)... maybe even terminated (don't know anyone personally that has though)... but that almost certainly was the action of the underlying carrier and not Straight Talk. Straight Talk just wants your money. They don't care what you do. The carrier wants their money. But, DOES care what you do.

    Now back to hunting down the Rebel Alliance.
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  10. nbnesen

    nbnesen Well-Known Member

    Cool, thank you for the help. Will a iPhone 3gs from att work?
  11. nbnesen

    nbnesen Well-Known Member

  12. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Android Enthusiast

    Straight Talk supports "bring your own phone" provided it is a GSM phone (yours is), *and* that the phone is unlocked. Is the iPhone 3GS you want to use unlocked?
  13. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Android Enthusiast

    Can someone on ST who did "bring your own phone" check into something? I see a post on another thread, that they believed they could bring a T-Mobile phone to ST by just using a T-Mobile SIM. I don't think that is true, but as I'm a CDMA user, I can't answer with authority.
  14. nbnesen

    nbnesen Well-Known Member

    No I don't believe it is unlocked. What exactly does unlocked mean and how can you unlock a phone? If you bring your own phone, do they all have to be unlocked?
  15. UncleMike

    UncleMike Android Expert

    From Straight Talk's BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) web site, step 1 is:
    A locked phone will only work with a compatible SIM. An unlocked phone will work with any SIM (as long as the phone supports the frequencies use by the carrier). If you have a phone that is locked to AT&T you should order an AT&T compatible SIM from Straight Talk, and it will work fine. If you have a phone that is locked to T-Mobile you should order a T-Mobile compatible SIM from Straight Talk, and it will work fine. If you have an unlocked phone, you can order either SIM, and it will work fine.

    It is possible to get a locked phone unlocked, but I've never had to do this, so I'm not sure how you would proceed if you wanted to do that.
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  16. nbnesen

    nbnesen Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks. Answered my quastions well. But since an unlocked phone is not needed then no need to unlock it I suppose.
  17. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Android Enthusiast

    We've had to unlock AT&T phones before. Went to the AT&T store to do so. As long as the phone's contract is complete, they will unlock it. But they love to drag their feet when doing so. We had to do this so we could take the phones overseas and pop in a local SIM for cheap local calls while traveling.
  18. NYankee

    NYankee Well-Known Member

    I cant believe all of the crying about people being expected to review their contract.


    Straight talk provides it to you for a reason. It's your customer agreement!
  19. gale65

    gale65 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for your extremely helpful contribution to this discussion. :rolleyes: :D
  20. rudyy

    rudyy Newbie

    One would think that when a company, Straight Talk in this instance, writes on its product, "Here's the Straight Talk promise in a nutshell: ... The unlimited nationwide plan gives you unlimited talk, text, data, and unlimited calls to 411 for 30 days fire $45."

    There should be no need to read anything else because that's the deal, in an f-ing nutshell.

    Well, it's bullshit.
  21. gale65

    gale65 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Interesting thing I found out. We were shopping for a car and were at a toyota dealer. I asked if a certain vehicle had xm because that's one of the things I wanted. He said that Toyota is putting xm in less vehicles in favor of Entune, which would include being able to use pandora. Of course it has to be used with a smartphone and would use data. But if I want to use pandora I can just use the aux jack and use it on my phone.

    At any rate, the car we did pick does have xm and it's new so not all of them are Entune only. And according to the website for Entune, only certain phones are compatible, which is odd. Only 2 android phones are listed.
  22. lennydude

    lennydude Android Expert

    While I can understand where you are coming from..............I must disagree. What exactly do you expect to get for $45.00? Even the major carriers can not and do not put their entire TOS in a simple ad!

    It is up to the individual to read and totally understand what he is purchasing PRIOR to making the commitment.

    I for one am done talking about this subject. It seems to offend a very small minority that are unwilling for a variety of reasons to understand what they are purchasing. I for one have used ST for many, many months and have no issues whatsoever. I do however use a music device for music, a TV for watching TV, and pay my fair share for the data i do indeed use.

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  23. nbnesen

    nbnesen Well-Known Member

    I fully agree. Unlimited data means unlimited data... Not restricted data and if you use to much we will cut your service. Well thats not very unlimited now is it.
  24. rosser725

    rosser725 Newbie


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