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No phone?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gjrscribe, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. gjrscribe

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    Had a Rezound from Asurion running 4.03.605 and Hboot 2.27. All was well. Left Los Angeles on 12/21. Arrived the next day in the Bay Area on 12/22. And since then? Not able to make or recive a call. All else works: 4G, internet, texting. Just calls. On the phone with Verizon for 1 hour, resettting all data info to my account and phone, no luck. Two hours in store getting new SIM and resetting system...no luck. Another Asurion replacement sent....new SIM card and THE SAME THING! Issue was escalated to Verizon networking team and I spent two hours on the phone yesterday trying to determine issue. Now if the SIM card and all matching items (IMEI) matched up, it should all work, right? The same SIM card was put into two different rezounds...one rooted, one not (fresh out of box) and neither could make a call. The tech finally stated that the software on the phones was the global leak of 4.03 and not a release authorized by Verizon...my reaction - "What?" The tech went so far as to suggest installing the last global leak - 4.05 and new radios and see what happens. Did just that...AND STILL NOTHING. Phone is perfect. Just no phone. Call goes out, connects, then lost. Same for incoming. No one seems to have a solution except blaming the phone software, tower differences between here and L.A....on and on. I find it all BS....because if the plder 4G SIMS are not compatibile, wouldn't many people across the USA have issues? So I come to ask for some of your thoughts. I am plagued right now. Have lost income due to my lack of access and reachability. And being two months shy of my anniversary for an upgrade, the great Corporation will not budge and get me a new working phone. This is a nightmare. I only imagine that as soon as I get back to Los Angeles, the phone will "miraculously" work again.

    FYI: I had my original Rezound running 4.05 and Hboot 2.28 back in July 2013...came to the same trip LA->Bay Area. Never had a problem.

    Thanks for your time all!

  2. olbriar


    Not knowing but if the same problem is experienced across different units as well as sim cards I'm left to believe the problem is on their end and not yours. I don't know how to resolve the issue beyond speaking to the superior of the superior of the superior until someone resets your account in some fashion. I wish I knew more and had a definite solution to your problem. Perhaps another here has more to offer.
  3. gjrscribe

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    I agree. Trying to get the problem kicked up and up...when all they want to do is upsell me to Edge program....really? Spend more money when the money I already spend doesn't get me what I'm paying for? Welcome to 21st century corporate rule. Thanks again!

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