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No Photos / Media in Gallery App ; No Tracks in Music App

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Showboo, Feb 10, 2016.

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    I'm currently experiencing a major issue with my Galaxy S6 (not rooted): No photos or videos show up within the Gallery App, and no tracks show within my music app.

    I was originally having issues with putting lossless(flac) audio files in my music folder. However, when I put these audio files into the folder, my music app simply would not recognize that these audio files were in the folder. (Yet they are compatible with the Android Version / Device). Regardless I noticed some other funny behavior: images that I saved from facebook (by tapping and holding) would not show up in my gallery; I had to take a screenshot of the phone (Power + Home) in order to even capture anything.

    To refresh the Media Library (for my FLAC music), I decided to "delete data" in App Settings for the "Music" application and the "Media Storage" application. However, when I did this, there was no media / no photos on my phone / etc, when they were physically there (ES File Explorer), but were not visible in the music or gallery app.. Usually when this happens the respective Gallery / Music libraries are supposed to rescan, refresh, and regenerate with a newer updated library. But this didn't happen...

    I scanned my phone for .nomedia folders, to no avail; the only nomedia folders / files I found were in their respective appropriate folders (eg PSP Emulator, Facebook, or Temp Folder). The only thing I remember doing, precluding any of the funny behavior I noticed, was installing Debian noroot,After-School, and Tinder (which ironically, was crashing before they updated it). Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this issue? I'm kind of stuck here. My only idea is if there was some type of permission error. I've already tried rebuilding the database as stated above, but also by using other apps, including jetAudio and Music Database Repair to no avail. Any help is very much appreciated.
    EDIT:Fixed. Found out there was a .nomedia folder in the main folder. Apparently .nomedia affects not just child folders, but all folders within the directory it is found. /dope.

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