Help No Recovery need help

When I first rooted my stylo about a month ago I flashed twrp on my ls770 in which I didn't fully read everything. So now I know that I can't but now I'm stuck with no recovery. First I had the boot error code 1006 but I finally found the 5.1.1 system.img file and got it pushed through and in download mode. But it just hangs at recovery loading and doesn't budge. Now I finally got my MM update and it won't load because of this problem. Can anyone help...


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You could try this,Which will put the phone in like new state,By flashing the stock firmware.
Then when your done flashing back to stock,You can do the updates.
If you decide to go this route,Be sure to remove your sim/sd card as it will wipe them clean,And after your done flashing back to stock.You can put them back in.:

Is this for the ls770 sprint modal because I thought there wasn't any kdz for my phone.

Except he has a sprint/vm/boost model ls770...

No kdz's for that yet, but at the op are ya able to get back into lp or not, if so reflash the stock recovy in flashify.

-edit- This might be useful with the included files he has listed and hosted I see a Recovery.img, only thing is it's for Boost but whats really the difference? LoL

I tried flashing that recovery.img that's what got me away from the secure boot error 1006 and put me into getting stuck at recovery loading screen.

I have this file sitting on my sim Card waiting but you need recovery to flash it. Even with adb you need recovery unless I can get the turned into a image file.... Hmmmmm