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No Samsung support for Ace in the USA?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by trajikka, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. trajikka

    trajikka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Since I didn't get any answer here about why I get no OTA or Kies notification about an update to 2.3.5 or 2.3.6, I sent Samsung support a message from their online support form. I got a reply from Samsung international telling me I had to direct my questions to Samsung US.

    Just now I found email from Samsung US support telling me that the Galaxy Ace is a model that is not manufactured for use here in the United States. They said they are, "...unable to provide information, technical support, or repair services for models manufactured for use in other countries." And directed me to the Samsung Galaxy Ace web page that provides no information about support at all.

    So where do people in the USA go to get support or repair services for the Galaxy Ace? There, are other folks in the USA who have this phone, right? (@_@)

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  2. trajikka

    trajikka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Wow.... no replies. Maybe I am one of few members here from the US. Let me rephrase the question then.

    Are there any Galaxy Ace owners here living outside of the US who have managed to get support and repair services from Samsung in a situation where Samsung hasn't specifically manufactured a model for their country?

    If that's you, how did you manage to do it?

    Thanks folks.
  3. kicsrules

    kicsrules Newbie

    mexico here, phone is no longer supported by carriers ... no support ....

    are you having trouble with your phone?
  4. trajikka

    trajikka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No... no problems... but coincidentally I'm planning for a trip to Mexico, up through Barranca del Cobre and on to Estado de Guanajuato in a few months and have been trying to plan for any problems along the way. I actually found mention of the Galaxy Ace in Mexican business websites when I was researching phones to use down there.

    I've read posts here where people had to send their phones to a Samsung repair center when it had problems. I'm guessing I can probably hunt one down, but was just wondering what people's experiences in these forums may have been.
  5. kicsrules

    kicsrules Newbie

    the places that you are going to .... they're isolated ... in barranca del cobre you are lucky that there is signal over there ... guanajuato is ok, small town... to hard for you to get any support, i suggest that if you have the phone unlocked buy a pre pay sim card for you to get 3g internet ...
  6. trajikka

    trajikka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I was blown away there was coverage there. I found this map of Telcel 2G coverage online and was surprised that when I zoomed in to the Barranca del Cobre area along Hwy 10 between Hermosillo and Chihuahua how much coverage there actually is.

    I bought an unlocked Ace from Amazon that works fine with my T-Mobile GSM account, so I'm set there.

    Telcel has an Amigo prepaid SIM card service. They seem to have more coverage than any other company down there. They also sell a 3G USB modem with an Amigo prepaid account with 3GB data for something like $40-$50 USD/mo that I could attach to my notebook. I've read positive experiences people have had with that. I haven't decided if I'll need that, or just tether my notebook to a similar Amigo account for the Ace.

    I've had a hard time contacting Telcel from the US. I've heard it can take hours to get things set up down there. I'd really have as much set up as possible before I head out.
  7. kicsrules

    kicsrules Newbie

    you can ask me any question about the service, i have telcel service in fact ... and i've been to both places several times ...

    first advice..... if you are traveling, i suggest just take your phone with you and a camera with a big a$$ memory card, you'll walk a lot, but if you need the notebook then the ace can also be a hotspot so you can request a 3gb service with telcel for around 500 pesos, (around 40 dlrs) and share your mobile internet with your netbook that will save you that usb dongle ....

    second advice, buy another battery pack or a battery booster for your phone since it doesnt have that much battery life

    third advice, when you are over there ... use 2g since 3g drains the battery faster ...
  8. trajikka

    trajikka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I may just do that in a PM later kicsrules Thanks so very much for your feedback.

    I decided to max out the added memory when I bought the Ace with a 32GB microSD card... specifically because I thought I'd be using the Ace as a camera. Will tote my other camera along too for more functionality.

    I've never tethered anything kicsrules. Will there be any drawbacks to tethering the notebook to the phone that might not be if I went with a standard prepaid phone card with the ACE and a data/dongle for the notebook separately? It would be a lot simpler to have data access for the phone for basics like email and other 'quick' Inet functions rather than just having data access for the notebook.

    Got a deal on Ebay that included 2 1500 mAh batteries and an AC charger. So far they've tested okay... hope they hold up.

    I've done that and a few other power tweaks. But I think I need to turn 3G and packet data on when I want Inet access, right?

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