DHD Mick

Oct 30, 2010
First i would like to thank you all for some interesting reading
i have just recieved my DHD and love it, my problem is that my sd card shows up just fine on the phone telling me i can unmount it and available space blah,blah, on the same screen when i connect it to the pc running windows 7 as soon as i select disk drive the sd card is un-mounted and then it is not visible in windows explorer also i have removed the sd card and placed it in my pc manualy and sits there looking for drivers
thanks in advance Mick
Maybe you have to reformat the sd card via your windows 7 PC. Probably the best way to do it.

I will be getting a Desire HD soon after my contract expires, wanted to ask, what class SD card is supplied. This is because of the 720p recording and does the supplied SD card handle the transfer. I have read some reviews that the 720p stutters because of the SD card is not fast enough to write to the card.
to be honest i dont know what class it is, if it says on the card itself i cant read the writing even with my glasses on (im getting old) not sure if the phone has the ability to identify its class of sd card
Thanks for the reply

cheers Mick