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No service question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GreedyRogue, May 19, 2011.

  1. GreedyRogue

    GreedyRogue Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I like the specs of the kio and am curious if I can use the phone without service. Basically I want an Android pda with wifi, camera, and working gps would be nice.

    If anyone has tried this, what features work/ don't work without having the service contract. Specifically can you access internet through wifi, and does gps work with the turn by turn still available.

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  2. sinisin

    sinisin Newbie

    I have a Zio with no service on it. With a wifi connection, the only things that don't work are obviously any apps that require a 3g data connection or interaction with a mobile network. Other then that I can do everything it normally does. I would assume GPS works, but only with a data connection of some sort(IE Mobile Hotspot of some kind) to provide service to the GPS. GPS requires a connection of some sort, so if you dont have a way to get data, either thru Cricket or some sort of Mobile Wifi device, then the phone is only as mobile as the wifi connection you are connected to. In other words there is no Turn by Turn without Mobile service.
  3. GreedyRogue

    GreedyRogue Lurker
    Thread Starter

    If the gps doesn't work without wifi, then it is not "true" gps. I have a handheld gps and you can bet that I don't need wifi for it to work. Not sure how a gps would even work through wifi only.

    Can you double check the gps sinisin and see if it works without wifi?

    The gps should work, but the turn by turn probably won't.
  4. sinisin

    sinisin Newbie

    With NO data connection GPS on the Zio has no way to access the tiles it needs to fill in so you can see where you're at. GPS doesn't stream the Maps, it streams your location. In other words, unless you cache the entire state into your Google Maps app, or whatever GPS app, it's won't know where to show you that you are. Understand? The handheld you have either has a built in cache, or you pay for service on it.
  5. GreedyRogue

    GreedyRogue Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My hand held does have a built in cache. I assumed that the gps would still be able to show your current latitude and longitude, even if there wasn't a map beneth it.

    There is probably a way to get the gps to work without wifi. My main concern was if the rest of the phone worked without the carrier, gps would have just been a bonus. That way I could geocache any time without carrying 2 devices.

    Thanks for the quick responce and the info on the rest of the phone.
  6. sinisin

    sinisin Newbie

    No problem. Trying to get VoIP to work on this thing now. Google shut off SIP support for GV, so trying to get fring up and running with SIP and a PBX. No fun. Learning about things over my head hurts my brain sometimes. There very well may be a workaround to the GPS. But without some sort of data connection, the phone is basically a glorified note taker and mp3 player with a camera.
  7. sinisin

    sinisin Newbie

    If you can get on irc.freenode.net and swing by #openzio, a guy there named Spz0 knows a lot about GPS. He hacked his handheld. He MAY be able to help you with this more then I can, with my inexperience with GPS and it's workings.

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