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Support No Service/Signal/Data After EFS Lost

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by viciecal, Oct 4, 2017.

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    Oct 1, 2017

    Oct 1, 2017

    > PHONE MODEL: Moto E 2014 XT1021.
    > ROOT STATUS: Rooted, bootloader unlocked.
    > ROM: Stock 4.4.4 (with nano Gapps+SuperSU).

    Hello all.

    Little introduction: I downgraded from 5.1 to 4.4.4 with fastboot (with bootloader already unlocked since a long while ago).
    In the proccess, I accidentally used the commands "fastboot erase all" and "fastboot -w". Repeteadly (yes, I am a dumbass).
    After that, I successfully flashed Stock/SuperSU/Nano Gapps. I rebooted my phone...

    Main problem: So everything is fine now, excepting that I'm missing any "phone" utility, as I can't send/receive SMS, nor calls, and I neither can use WhatsApp (as I can't register it), or even activate mobile data. In addition, I can't see the default "Carrier SIM" application that came with my phone originally (that tiny app that lets you enter into your SIM and view/acquire some basic, old SMS-based services).
    Basically, my phone is good as an MP4 now.

    With the little research I did all along the Internet, I understand I have deleted vital system files with those commands, especially the EFS folder, containing absolutely important system files and data. Still, I know that there SHALL be a way to recover my phone. So:

    -How can I begin to troubleshoot this problem?
    -What ideas can be applied for solving this problem?

    Useful information:

    -I have NO BACKUP of my EFS folder.
    -I have my SIM number (It's on the back of the battery).
    -I have my original product serial number.
    -I can connect myself to the Internet using Wi-Fi networks.
    -I'm absolutely sure the flashed ROM was the correct (It's a "STOCK" ROM).
    -Useful screenshots:




    IMPORTANT: I've already tried:

    -Flashing modem files multiple times
    -Re-inserting SIM Card
    -Flashed some various ROMs (Carbon and Resurrection Remix).
    -Basically, everything else found on the surface of the Internet.

    Thanks in advance. Please request any additional information that may be useful for you guys.

    Greetings, Viciecal


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