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No signal problem - Phone will disconnect from 3g/4g and won't reconnect

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by OhMyNexus, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. OhMyNexus

    OhMyNexus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I will wake up almost every morning with no bars and no signal. This only happens when I am in LTE / CDMA mode. If I keep my phone in CDMA only mode, everything is fine. The only way I can fix this is with a reboot.

    This is particularly frustrating because this phone is my only phone line so if there is an emergency, I cannot receive an important call or not be able to make an important call.

    Anyone else having this problem?

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  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Extreme Android User

    have you by chance installed any kind of battery saving apps? Like juice defender or anything? Also have you actually tried making a call when you wake up and see the signal like this?
  3. vanack

    vanack Member

    I have the same problem however it happens during the day also.
    The bars are gray and no 3g or 4g indicator.
    Try to make a call and it says no connection.
    I don't have any battery saving apps.
    I use Lightflow with the no connection notification set to solid red so it's easy to check at night or day at just a glance.
    The tech at the Verizon says he has complaints on this issue also.
    Hope there's a fix by January 15 or this thing is going back.
    Other problems are low volume and lag.
    I'm running stock.
  4. ymDroid

    ymDroid Well-Known Member

    I just wrote on here a couple days ago that i wasn't having any issues, but in the last two days my signal has crapped out.

    Last night my 3g fell out and i could only get it back by flipping airplane mode on and off.

    Today my 4g signal fell out, and when i tried to toggle airplane mode on and off, the phone rebooted.

    So much for a perfect phone. Hope there's a fix on the way and it doesn't take 4 months like the bionic.

    When it works it's great. 30 mbs of download in DC on 4g.
  5. ZachMob

    ZachMob Well-Known Member

    I've been having similar problems with my phone too. Occasionally the data signal would drop out and I have to turn airplane mode on and off to fix it.

    I turned off 4G to solve the problem temporarily.
  6. CheeseJam

    CheeseJam Well-Known Member

    I am having this same problem. 4G was working great, now 3G/4G won't work at all. I have tried airplane mode, restarts, etc., and nothing is working. My family members' data is working just fine: 4G and 3G. Anyone have a fix for this? I have used a ton of data this month, could this have anything to do with it?
  7. BigJS4

    BigJS4 Newbie

    In weaker 4g areas, I saw this.

    The problem seems to be a delay in switching from the 4g LTE antenna to the 3G CDMA antenna.

    Though it should be seamless, it's as if one antenna turns completely off when the other is in use. Then when the signal fades, it actually has to turn on the other antenna, which by now has gone to sleep. So, toggling Airplane mode turns off and on all radios.

    When I put the phone in CDMA only, I no longer have the issue.

    When I am in. Strong LTE area, I have no problems.

    I wonder if a software fix would work here if someone could make sure that the CDMA radio does not shut down when LTE is in use. And have it search for or connect to a 3G signal before the LTE signal fades out completely.

    It's annoying either way.

    Just a thought.
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  8. ska.t73

    ska.t73 Android Expert

    This just started happening to me as well, like just now. Earlier today I had no data problems what so ever. I've never had data issues with this phone at all in fact. Not sure what is up but someone else mentioned having the same issue in Detroit, I'm in Phoenix.
  9. vanack

    vanack Member

    Yep-same here as I type :(
    Lincoln, NE 4G
  10. ska.t73

    ska.t73 Android Expert

  11. CheeseJam

    CheeseJam Well-Known Member

    I am now getting 3G (the 4G is not super strong at my house, but has been pretty consistent). I am in Central California BTW.
  12. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    Seems like other 4G phones are also having this issue now, not only nexus.
  13. ZachMob

    ZachMob Well-Known Member

    I am having some issues even when I am on CDMA only settings.

    I think the cause was when I switched my phone from wifi to 3G. I couldn't get a data connection this morning, but it eventually connected 10 minutes later.
  14. DucatiDude

    DucatiDude Well-Known Member

  15. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead

    All that app does is put the phone in and out of airplane mode to get a fresh signal. The only reason it would ever help with your signal is if you are stuck on one tower and a refresh causes you to switch to a stronger tower. Beyond that, it really isn't doing anything and it certainly isn't doing anything to boost your signal.
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  16. DucatiDude

    DucatiDude Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure this is correct. I put my in and out of airplane mode and it doesn't change my signal as drastically as this seemed to. It also takes a long time to reconnect to data after using airplane mode. After running this app it connected immediately. I can't verify your mileage just state what my experience has been.
  17. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    It's been a week since I got nexus. From what I see,

    I have no signal problem at all if I put it in 3G mode regardless of signal bar.
    I have no signal problem with LTE auto mode when I'm in good 4G area.
    GPS has always been working very well unless total data loss happens.

    But I noticed 4G/3G hand off is not so smooth in less than good 4G coverage area. Though I didn't experience total data loss except at mountain in rural area, I guess it could happen in weak area for some when it's struggling between 4G and 3G with authentication.

    So with recent verizon network problem, this probably gives perception to some users that nexus radio is poor. I feel like this will be addressed with verizon improving network and also software patch for 3G/4G hand off, signal reading. The Droid Charge using the similar 4G radio chip got nice improvement in connectivity, data speed with the latest GB update too.

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