Help No Sim Error

Hi, I have a GTi9505 running android 4 4 2 build number: KOT49H. I9505XXUFNB9 and for the past month or more its been giving an error saying The device will be unavailable until restarted with valid sim card, Its getting very annoying now.... I have rang o2 and they swapped my sim for a new one, Took it to an o2 store and got another sim, Then thought maybe it was the device so i replaced the SIM-Memory Card Reader and still the phone does the same thing, Is it possible its a ROM issue as i changed that about 4 months ago or more, even though it worked fine for well over 2 months.


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Sounds like you have replaced all the hardware components that you possibly can. I would say at this point it is software related.
Two options,
1- find the program causing the problem and reset it. Unless you know exactly what one of it is, this could be difficult to do.

2- do a factory reset