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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by phonecraze, May 24, 2011.

  1. phonecraze

    phonecraze Lurker
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    I have a garmin asus when i insert SIM it still reads no SIM, (NETWORK LOCKED)I've been told the phone is locked TMOBILE doesn't seem to be able to help.......ANY ADVICE TO RESTORE phone or do I just consider it a loss......HELP!!!!!!?????:(:thinking::mad::rolleyes::eek:

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  2. PattersonL

    PattersonL Lurker

    From where did you get your phone?
    If the phone is locked, you might need the mobile service provider to help you unlock it.
  3. Medicine Man

    Medicine Man Newbie

    I had the same problem with the Garminfone I bought used off eBay several weeks ago. My solution was low-tech, but it worked; insert a thin item between the SIM card and the inner surface of the thin plastic SIM card holder (I used a doubled-up strip of tape). I surmised that the metal contacts of the SIM were not making firm and solid contact with the Garminfone's SIM card contacts. It worked! The only thing is, sometimes, the pressure slacks off; if that happens, just power off the Garminfone, pop off the back cover, take out the battery, slide out the SIM card, and readjust/reposition the thin item, then replace both thin item and SIM card, replace the battery, snap closed the back cover, and try powering the Garminfone on again. Usually, that solves the problem.

    Let us know if that works! Good luck, and enjoy your Garminfone!
  4. Spazmogen

    Spazmogen Newbie

    Or just update date the firmware to 2.1 Eclair. I bought my 2nd Garminfone from Ebay. It was listed as broken, does not read SIM cards. The 2.1 Eclair update fixed it. I got it for $60, still with the stickers on it.
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  5. penjaboy

    penjaboy Lurker

    Hi Spazmogen, i can see that u are really comfortable with the garmin A50 Nuvifone. I have receive one but it says Network locked when i double tap on the unlock icon it says code left.
    I have been told that it is a Videotron Phone and i want to use for any other carriers.

    I never attempts to get into the phone menu this is what i saw from some of your other post and tried.
    - restarting & pressing the left direction on the pad: it say wipe userdata but does not reset the 1 left.
    - i tried to insert an sd card with the eclair version so i download it and copy it in a update folder that i created in the garmin folder : nothing happens a soon as i can get into the phone.

    i saw u were able to unlock your phone with an unlocking code were did you please get this ?
    I thank you for you help i hope you will understand what i am trying to ask you as soon as i can post pictures yet.

  6. Spazmogen

    Spazmogen Newbie

    Unlock Code: Ebay.com it cost me $35 and took 2 weeks to arrive by email. It worked on the 1st try. I see prices have dropped on the codes now...Videotron: that is the software I am running on mine (see below). Mine is T-Mobile branded, but I wanted French (Not Spanish) as the alternate language.

    Videotron HARDWARE (phone): if it's truely a Videotron phone, the ebay route may not work for you. I suggest you ask the code sellers before buying. Or try asking Videotron if they will sell an unlock code to you.

    There is a way to reset the unlock tries to 10



    To change the firmware to another provider:

    See post 172:T-Mobile Garmin Nuvifone A50 Navigating to T-Mobile - Page 12 vs2:"1. Have two micro SD cards2. On one put the same update file that is already on your phone.2. On the other put the new firmware you want to update to.3. With phone off practise taking phone cover off/on and removing SD card.4. Turn phone on with SD card that had existing firmware update on. Update notice will show and ask if you want to update - say yes, then it should say update is the same as already on your phone do you still want to update, don't accept or decline. Now quickly pull off cover and exchange SD cards and put cover back on. You may get a message about battery cover - go ok. Then the same 'do you want to update' message should appear - go ok.(you may need to pull down the yellow exclamation from the top to accept the update if the window does not show) Be patient and wait your screen will show 'verifing' then reboot and could be a black screen for 10-15 minutes. When up and running you should do a master clear as your old settings/apps will still be on phone. It may be ok to leave them on?? "Then read my result in post 176 in that same thread. It worked just fine for me.
    Mises jour du logiciel - Soutien ~ Garmin-Asus is the Videotron software.
  7. Spazmogen

    Spazmogen Newbie

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