Help No sound after Disconnecting bluetooth

Hey everyone, I've been having an ongoing issue with my AT&T Kyocera DuraForce for the last week or so and after searching and searching, I haven't found a fix for it... So, I have a Sony head unit in my truck with bluetooth, as well as having a radio at work that has bluetooth that I connect too. My problem is, every time after being connected to seemingly any bluetooth device, I have to reboot the phone in order to get sound back on the phone. The handset speaker works during phone calls, it's just the main speakers of the phone. I have no ringtone sounds, no audio, no nothing until said reboot... I have not downloaded any new app's in the time before this started happening, and I have automatic updates for all app's set to requiring approval before downloading. Any help on this is greatly appreciated because this is driving me up a friggin wall, and if I forget to reboot, I'm missing calls/texts left and right. Thanks in advance!

Hans v B

Hi, I had the same issue, after disconnecting my Bluetooth speaker, I lost sound, or so it seemed.
I fixed this by stopping the internet browser,
Then settings, apps, search the browser you use, then force stop, then restart it.
Then it was fixed.