Help No sound for text messages


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When I receive a text message the phone vibrates, but it doesn't make any noise.
I've checked the settings under Sounds, Volumes and in the messaging app itself (stock app) everything seems to be set correctly for it to have a notification sound.
Any thoughts on what I'm missing?

BTW, I installed Handcent, it made the proper sound, but I'd prefer to use the stock app if possible.



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Rebooted several times, it didn't work before Handcent, that was just an experiment I did to see if ANY messaging app would make a sound (it did).


Open up the messaging app and go into it's settings. From there you should be able to control the notification and sounds.
The volume for incoming calls, notifications, system and other sounds are independent. Either open up the screen to set the text notification sound and adjust the volume with the volume controls or go to the settings/volume screen and see if the volume for notifications is turned all the way down.